LOL: Stolen Valor Senator Who Lied About Serving In War Gets BRUTALLY Embarrassed By Trump

Yesterday Senator Richard Blumenthal introduced legislation to stop President Trump from firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the political witch hunt investigation regarding the non-existent collusion between the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign and Russia. The actions of Senator Richard Blumenthal spurred President Trump to totally eviscerate the lying Senator on Twitter. President Trump was referring to the multiple occasions that Senator Blumenthal flat out lied about his Vietnam service, and was even called out by The New York Times for his repeated Stolen Valor comments back in a 2010 article written by Raymond Hernandez. Unfortunately for Senator Blumenthal, the internet never forgets.

President Trump started his twitter onslaught with the following tweet:

So what was President Trump referring to? Well, it all started when then State of Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal lied about physically serving in Vietnam. The lying Senator from Connecticut stated the following in Norwalk, Connecticut, during a March 2008 ceremony to honor real veterans. “We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam, and you exemplify it. Whatever we think about the war, whatever we call it — Afghanistan or Iraq — we owe our military men and women unconditional support.” The problem with this statement is that despite Senator Blumenthal serving in the United States Marine Corpse, he was never physically in Vietnam, and he took various actions to ensure he would never be sent there. President Trump tweeted the following:

Fact checking President Trump’s statement is not hard to do. The previously mentioned New York Times article does a great job of documenting the multiple times Senator Blumenthal misrepresented his Marine Corpse service, but here are the good parts. From the years of 1965 to 1970 Senator Blumenthal received five military deferments which prevented him from going to Vietnam. Instead, he went to Harvard, after which he went into the Marine Corpse Reserve. Raymond Hernandez from the New York Times stated, “But what is striking about Mr. Blumenthal’s record is the contrast between the many steps he took that allowed him to avoid Vietnam, and the misleading way he often speaks about that period of his life now, especially when he is speaking at veterans’ ceremonies or other patriotic events.”

There are other occasions that Senator Blumenthal lied. During an event in Bridgeport, CT he stated, “When we returned, we saw nothing like this, let us do better by this generation of men and women.” Then there are the multiple times the Senator allowed various Connecticut media outlets to blatantly misrepresent his USMC service. So what happened during Senator Blumenthal’s service in the USMC, well The New York Times article continues with, “Mr. Blumenthal landed in the Fourth Civil Affairs Group in Washington, whose members included the well-connected in Washington. At the time, the unit was not associated with the kind of hardship of traditional fighting units, according to Marine reports from the period and interviews with about a half-dozen men who served in the unit during the Vietnam years.”

Senator Blumenthal, despite his repeated lies and political double speak, was never physically in Vietnam, lied about actually being in Vietnam, and somehow is now a United States Senator, lecturing President Trump on ethics. When Senator Blumenthal could not get anymore military deferments, he used whatever connections his family had to put him in a unit that fixed up parks and worked with inner-city kids. That is a far cry from physically being in Vietnam, which he claimed to have done on multiple occasions. Had the Senator made a mistake once during a speech that could be chalked up to an honest error, but the lying Senator from Connecticut “misspoke” on multiple occasions. President Trump concluded his twitter evisceration with this:

Democrats like Senator Blumenthal would be wise to understand that President Trump isn’t going to sit by and allow these goons to slander him and pretend that they are somehow all righteous. Senator Blumenthal is one of those elitist Democrats who lies so much he thinks it’s the truth, all the while using his position as a United States Senator to benefit only himself and not his constituents. My suggestion for Senator Blumenthal is to crawl back under from whatever rock he crawled. He is a disgrace to all Vietnam veterans and the USMC.

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