LOL: Watch This Antifa Commie Get Nailed In The Balls At Trump’s Rally With a Tear Gas Canister

Social Justice Warriors have been hell-bent on tormenting and terrorizing the entire country for the past few years, but 2017 has to be the year for the most insane and asinine SJW actions so far. From screaming rhetoric with no basis in fact to destroying history nation- wide and demanding their 68 genders be recognized, SJW’s have lost any semblance of intelligence we hoped they would have as a new generation. However, every now and again they get into a situation that seems fate-based for our entertainment.

There has never been a more comedic action than when someone “takes one for the team” in the form of a surprise groin slam, and the SJW’s at the Phoenix Trump rally on Tuesday night did not disappoint.

One of the crybaby screamers donned a gas mask and kicked one hell of a field goal with a tear gas canister into the line of riot police after the crowd had become threatening and needed to be calmed down. I do not think the following reaction by riot police was fully anticipated by the basement dweller and he received a crotch full of pepper balls for his efforts.

According to Gateway Pundit :

Talk about a great shot! In an effort to disperse Trump protesters, Phoenix police fired off pepper balls and tear gas canisters. Of course, many protesters, a large number of them Antfa, chose to defy the police’s orders. An Antifa member paid the price for failing to disperse, getting nailed in the balls by a tear gas canister. That’ll leave a mark!

The police hurled percussion grenades and tear gas at the Alt-Left mob.

FOX Business Network host Jeff Flock screamed, “Holy sh*t!”

An Alt-Left thug was flashing gang signs behind Jeff Flock at one point.

The alt-left mob claimed they were completely peaceful. Doubtful.

What have we learned today kids?

#1- never wear sports shorts without a cup to a riot.

#2- never throw a full SJW temper-tantrum in public.

#3- don’t kick things that do not belong to you.

and #4- never underestimate the aim of your opponent, especially if he is someone who has had extreme training that you haven’t had yourself.

Now, I am sure that pansy-pants here will somehow turn this into his favor with a plea for lawsuits and a go-fund me for the damage caused to his …pride…. but we can hope that he learned a very valuable lesson. I said hope, not assume. These imbeciles don’t ever seem to learn which is exactly why they were rioting outside of the Phoenix Arena in the first place which shows a real lack of education.

He definitely does get credit again for his kick of that canister though which was quite impressive. If they could only focus their talents in a more constructive manner like taking long walks off of short cliffs, that would be greatly appreciated. The riot police surely had a hard time controlling themselves after that amazing shot, and I bet they will be retelling that story for years to come.

“The Snowflake That Was Melted By Pepper Balls To The Balls.” It has a good ring to it I think.

Moral of the story is that these liberal nut jobs provide us with so much comedic relief while trying so hard to seem so serious and very adult like that it will last us a life-time, and in the end they will have no basis for history other than being the jesters of the century.

I will give the guy an overall score of 7 for his attempts to look like a bada**, but the officer who made the winning shot gets a resounding 10 for accuracy and awesomeness! Let’s see which libtard can top this one at the next rally/protest of things that make no sense. Maybe we need to create special trophies for these people, or hold a libtard Olympics to give them some meaning to their lives other than the same old “I am a victim of life” narrative.

Watch this idiot talk about his injured “no no spot!”

I CAN NOT EVEN!!!!  Did he just say that they were getting an OB-GYN to come look at his junk? So apparently he has been unwillingly transgendered by a cop!!! Lmao. This is the greatest Antifa cryfest video I have ever seen. Poor Snowflake was demasculated by pepper-balls!!!

Maybe he will learn to not play with men if he can not meet their masculinity!!!!!

Either way, we will continue to get great joy out of seeing things like this for years to come, and for that I personally would like to thank all libtards nationwide!


H/T [ Gateway Pundit ]


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