Lone NFL Player Who Sat During Anthem After Massacre Looks Into Crowd And Screams 3 Unbelievably SICK Words

This last month has been a rough one for many who  consider themselves to be NFL fans. Most teams have pulled the “taking a knee” stunt in one manner or another. Some claim it is for social injustice, some say it is to fight police brutality, but it wasn’t such a fad until after President Trump made his opinion of players kneeling during the anthem known. This leads many to believe that the majority of the NFL stars truly couldn’t care less about things like social injustice and police issues, and their antagonistic and disrespectful boycott of the anthem was all due to Trump voicing how he felt.

Well, now that most teams have had to learn their lessons the hard way in the form of sponsorships being dropped and merchandise not moving off the shelves, it seems that they are all once again ignorant to social injustices and are standing for the anthem. It is funny that money and fame has that affect on some people.

Even in light of the recent massacre in Las Vegas, a few still sat or kneeled even though they should have stood to honor the victims. It is a sad world when people fall to fake agendas and hatred to a level that they would disrespect the very nation that gave them the freedoms to get where they are today.

Yet the worst part of this whole insane kneeling fiasco is some of the players’ response to their very own fans. You know, the people who basically make it possible for the players to make millions a year.

According to Breitbart :

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Vince Williams doesn’t care if fans don’t like players protesting the national anthem. In fact, he told fans who burned their Steelers gear, not to bother coming back.

During the Steelers Week 3 game against the Chicago Bears at the end of September, the team seriously botched its response to President Donald Trump’s criticism of the NFL for continuing to allow the national anthem protests.

Whatever message the team ultimately meant to convey seemed to get lost in the controversy it spawned. The Steelers had vowed to stay in the locker room during the playing of the nation’s song, but one player, offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva, came out on the field, anyway, hand over heart in respect for country and flag.

Villanueva’s move infuriated coach Mike Tomlin and the next day Tomlin forced the player to come out and apologize for “unintentionally” taking the field to honor the anthem and for “embarrassing” the team.

After that mess, fans responded by burning Steelers gear, boycotting Steelers merchandise stores, and vowing never again to return to Heinz Field to watch their once favorite NFL team.

To those fans, the Steelers’ Vince Williams apparently says good riddance.
Last Sunday, Williams jumped to his Twitter account to send a message to fans who burned their gear: “If you burned your s**t, don’t buy it back #bandwagonclosed.”

Still, the message from the fans may have been louder than the player’s post-game taunt.

For Week 4, the whole team stood on the field for the national anthem.

That ought to do it if the kneeling didn’t. The NFL should place a gag order on these unruly players before they entirely destroy the franchise. Football is an American pastime and to use it as a platform to spew anti-American propaganda while not backing up their very own claims with any physical action towards the issues is twisted. To then turn around and throw it in the fans’ faces in a “we don’t need you anyway” type social media tantrum just proves that most of these players truly do not “get it.”

A franchise that is now made up of criminals with some pretty horrible rap sheets is now protesting police by disrespecting the flag and the national anthem, and they think the fans won’t suddenly have an issue with that?

Okay, Vince Williams, just remember you said that when you suddenly want to be protected by team USA during the next attack or threat of war. The bandwagon will be closed in BOTH directions. I truly hope these players clear their heads soon.

H/T[ Breitbart ]