Look What Just Happened To Snoop Dogg After His Trump Assassination Video Came Out — Just Got MUCH Worse

Snoop Dogg is back in the news and it is not for healing racial tensions in America. In fact, this literal pot head is doing all he can to make things worse in the name of “artistic expression.”

A perfect example of that is the recent rap video Snoop has made. In the video, entitled “Lavender” it contains a scene of a clown character that looks like Trump. Snoop then points a gun at the Trump character and pulls the trigger. Instead of a bullet emerging from the chamber, it is a small flag that says “Bang”.

Yeah, that is not racist or disturbing.

Of course, there was major backlash over this video, but leave it to Snoop’s buddies to justify his actions. Ice-T came to Snoop’s defense, saying that it was fine for him to point a gun at the Trump character, but not at Obama.

“It was very hard to make an Obama joke because of his race and because Obama was such a smooth character,” Ice-T said. “I think Trump brings a lot of these jokes on to himself. He’s just such a character and he acts like a clown.

Let me correct you Mr. Ice-T on something. The only thing Obama was smooth at was lying to the American people, am I right?

Here is the disturbing the video.

When asked why Snoop made this video he had this to say about it.

The ban that this motherf–ker tried to put up; him winning the presidency; police being able to kill motherf–kers and get away with it; people being in jail for weed for 20, 30 years and motherf–kers that’s not black on the streets making money off of it — but if you got color or ethnicity connected to your name, you’ve been wrongfully accused or locked up for it, and then you watching people, not of color position themselves to get millions and billions off of it.”

So, instead of trying to bridge the racial division in the country, Snoop rather fan the flames of division and call it “Art”. Thankfully, people have taken to social media to air their absolute disdain for the real clown named Snoop Dogg.

Could you imagine if this was done while Obama was in office? Oh dear God, there would have been mass panic in the streets, but make fun of Trump and it is A-Ok.

I don’t about you, but I think this guy must have smoked himself stupid if you ask me.

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