Look At The SICK Thing That Was Just Found In Sweden After Press Bashes Trump For His Comments

The left viciously attacked President Trump when he remarked that Sweden was facing extreme violence from the influx of refugees. Instead of them facing the facts that this country is indeed infested with these violent refugees, they rather call Trump a liar.

The mainstream media began to twist the facts of Sweden’s swelling crime rate by saying there has been no negative impact. Well, of course, that turned out to be a bold-faced lie as the facts speak for themselves.

According to InfoWars:

According to statistics analyzed by the Sydsvenskan newspaper, Malmo has a “murder index” of 3.4 when homicides for one hundred thousand inhabitants are taken into account, a “a very high figure” according to the report.

This compares to bigger but less dangerous cities in western Europe like Paris (1.8), London (1.3), Copenhagen (1.1) and Berlin (1.0).

Having recorded 11 murders in 2016, Malmo is easily the most dangerous city in the entire Nordic region.

“Malmo is infamous for explosions. Yet thankfully nobody has been killed by the explosions yet – some of them are just used to frighten people,” Elofsson told Breitbart. “We had one case in Rosengard where a group were given a court order to leave an apartment because they were a disturbance for the neighbours. And then suddenly hand grenades and explosions outside the office of the real estate company.”

Elofsson said immigration has caused a crime surge in Malmo, with migrants comprising the “majority” of people being arrested in the city. Police are afraid to visit some “no-go” areas because their vehicles are attacked.


The left cannot be trusted in reporting the facts. They rather push their open border agenda to gain potential voters than keeping their people safe. Trump is absolutely correct is saying that there is a direct correlation between the influx of refugees and rising crime rates. I am just glad that we have a president that is not willing to sacrifice our safety for political correctness.

H/T [ InfoWars  ]