Mainstream Media Won’t Show You This Vid Of How Refugees Have Destroyed Europe But We Will…

If you haven’t realized it yet, the mainstream media is bought and paid for by the Democrats who would have everyone believe that Muslims are a peaceful group who only wish to be accepted by everyone else. They tell Americans that the problem isn’t the Muslims, but the real problem is white America who is to blame for our racist tendencies. The media would have us believe that Muslim migrants only desire to come over to escape persecution in the middle east. While that may be true for some, the majority have a dangerous agenda to take over our country and implement Sharia law for everyone to abide by.

America may not be in as deep of a crisis mode as Europe yet, but we are well on our way to reaching that point if we are not careful. Europe has been overrun with Muslims who have turned the once peaceful continent into a chaotic mess. European women face the threat of rape on a daily basis, and the rest of the population is forced to look over their shoulder in fear of being attacked for the simplest of reasons. It is no way to live. The truth is that many countries in Europe have become so dangerous that many people fear to vacation in that once peaceful land.

Immigration policies have led to the crisis that Europeans face, and the leaders who were elected to protect their people have done the exact opposite and put their citizens in danger. Leaders like Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron specifically come to mind with their disastrous policies allowing dangerous Muslims to stream into their respective countries unchecked. Across the pond in America, Donald Trump was elected because Americans began to fear the immigration policies of the Obama years. Trump promised to close our borders and used Europe as an example of how disastrous an open-border policy truly is.

While the media dismissed Trump’s claims as fear-mongering, the writing was on the wall and news outlets like CNN and NBC did all in their power to hide the truth of what was really taking place in Europe. They may not want the truth to be revealed, but we do.

According to Yes I’m Right:

The migrant crisis has reached a fever pitch at this point all throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Middle Eastern, Muslim, Islamic migrants have been pillaging, plowing, and raping their way across the continent for the better part of two years now and it’s become so bad that the mainstream media won’t even report on it anymore.

Some have taken a stand against these abhorrent acts, and make themselves the true heroes of exposing this sick culture. They are on the front lines shooting video, taking statements, and showing the world how this disgusting Muslim rape culture operates.

Mike Cernovich, famous conservative commentator, is one of these people and just released his exposé on the Muslim immigration crisis in open borders Sweden. The footage speaks for itself.

This is what a travel ban stops. This is what extreme vetting predicts and helps combat. You know who needs to see this video with the eyes stapled open? Every single liberal in this country.

The Muslim culture is not compatible with the western way of life. If after watching this video you are not convinced that Islamists will never assimilate and don’t belong in Western society, then you are certifiably insane.

Make no mistake, the world is facing a very real threat. Radical Muslims have a dangerous agenda, and if we allow them to follow through with their plans, America much like Europe will become a shadow of its former self.

Americans must stay vigilant and be aware of the dangers we face. Of course, liberals will argue all day that conservatives are the true enemy, but when was the last time conservatives performed a terrorist attack? Western culture is in danger of being destroyed, and peace loving Americans realize the threat for what it is. Make no mistake, radical Islam is the enemy and they are smarter than liberals give them credit for. This is not the first time in history they threatened the western world’s way of life. The media will never reveal the truth, but we will.

H/T Yes I’m Right


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