Man Who Defied Trump and Harbored HUNDREDS Of Illegals Pays The Brutal Price For His Stupidity

This country is packed with people who want to ignore our laws and do as they please as long as it lines their already swollen pockets. One of the new money schemes seems to be harboring illegals and providing new avenues to stay under the radar our immigration laws.

Fifty-three-year-old Hee Sun Shim is the owner of four schools in the Los Angeles area pled guilty Thursday morning to conspiracy and immigration document fraud.

Shim reportedly enrolled hundreds of foreign nationals with fraudulently created immigration documents allowing them to remain in the United States as “students” of his various schools even though they rarely actually attended.

Shim, along with two co-defendants – ran a “pay-to-stay” scheme through three schools in Koreatown – Prodee University/Neo-America Language School; Walter Jay M.D. Institute, an Educational Center (WJMD); and the American College of Forensic Studies (ACFS). The fourth school in Alhambra – Likie Fashion and Technology College – was also involved in this 6-year long scheme.

“Immigration fraud schemes such as this allow foreign nationals to circumvent immigration controls and enter, as well as remain in, the United States unlawfully, which compromises national security and the strict set of rules that legitimate immigrants follow,” said United States Attorney Eileen M. Decker. “These defendants not only undermined the immigration system, but they did a disservice to all of the immigrants following the rules for entry into the U.S.”

During the ensuing investigation, HSI special agents identified several dozen foreign nationals, primarily from South Korea and China, who originally entered the U.S. as F-1 non-immigrant students to attend other schools, but subsequently transferred to schools in the Prodee network.

“Student visas are intended to afford people from around the world an opportunity come to this country to enrich themselves with the vast learning opportunities available here, but this defendant was interested in a different kind of enrichment, his own,” said Joseph Macias, special agent in charge for HSI Los Angeles.

This is exactly why we need to enforce our immigration laws and prosecute those who are abusing them to the fullest extent of the law.

H/T [ The Federalist Papers ]