Marshawn Lynch Has Sick Message For Trump and His Supporters With Shirt He Wore Before Game

After last week’s NFL protests across the league, opinions have been varied with some people siding with the players claiming it is their right to protest while the majority of sane Americans believe it is in bad taste to encourage these entitled players to protest a country that has given them the opportunity to play football professionally and make a ton of money in the process.

Fans everywhere have sworn off their favorite teams  they have followed for years. Some have even trashed their jerseys and memorabilia in protest to make it clear to the NFL if this behavior continues they will just move on to greener pastures. At first NFL executives sided with the players, that is until they saw the ratings come in. Needless to say, they were horrified when they saw how dramatically they had dropped over the past few weeks. Many came out and stated they would make it a rule to stand for the national anthem in an attempt to calm the fans down and attempt to bring them back.

When the games started back up this week, numerous teams stood for the national anthem, but of course, there were still those who stayed defiant. One team who stood still decided to make a stand.

No Browns players on Sunday knelt during the national anthem ahead of the matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals, but nine of them stood with their fists raised, including linebacker Christian Kirksey, Associated Press Sports Writer Tom Withers reported.

Some Browns players on Friday told FOX 8 News they still weren’t sure of their plans during the national anthem today.

“We want to unify Cleveland and just send unity around the whole us; still trying to figure it out because we have to focus on the game on Sunday. We are trying to come up with something right now, but the main thing is to make sure we are sending the same message,” said Browns cornerback Jamar Taylor.

The Browns weren’t the only team to act out, but one player in particular made waves with what he was seen wearing on his way into the stadium. Marshawn Lynch wore a shirt that read “Everybody vs Trump.” Apparently, he didn’t get the memo that the majority of Americans stand with Trump on the issue and don’t want to see entitled players acting so ridiculous. That wasn’t the only thing that had people talking. In addition to his shirt, Lynch continued to sit for the anthem even though this time his team stood. What was even stranger was that security personnel surrounded him while he sat.

News outlets across the country picked up the story and ran with it.

According to Breitbart:

Television networks have gone to great lengths to conceal the ratings-killing anthem protests that are costing the league huge money in terms of viewership and attendance. However, it looks like NFL teams have also started trying to conceal the anthem protests. In one case, by literally covering a player up.

The Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch arrived at the stadium, like a man wanting to be made the center of attention. Lynch showed up wearing a shirt that read, “Everybody vs Trump”:

However, when it came time for Lynch to do what he’s been doing since the preseason, which is protest the national anthem, the Raiders decided to turn Lynch into an NFL version of “Where is Waldo?” Lynch will be the guy on the left, the one literally swarmed by team staff:

So what gives? It’s probably too much to think the Raiders are ashamed of Lynch and his protest, though they should be. After all, he’s been protesting the anthem since the preseason and they’ve never done anything like this before. Did the team fear for his safety? Had someone made a credible threat against him?

The whole situation is rather disturbing. The NFL and the Broncos would be wise to make a stand and punish Lynch for acting out even though the rest of the team got the memo that it was time to do their job and stop acting like fools. Some people just don’t get it, and Lynch is one of those guys. However, the irony of a guy wearing a shirt that claims the world is against President Trump, and then getting the “Waldo” treatment in the corner is quite rich.

H/T Breitbart, Fox8