Massive Scandal For NFL After Sick Thing All-Black Team Does To Punish Their White QB Who Stood For Anthem

The National Football League is in panic mode as fans are leaving in droves due to the incessant disrespect displayed by players taking a knee during the national anthem. Many of the liberal snowflakes have stated this is not an insult directed toward the military or veterans, and rather a demonstration against President Trump’s SOB comments. However, many fans don’t see it that way, and there are even a few NFL players who believe in standing for the national anthem.

One player in particular who believes in standing for the national anthem is Oakland Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr who is white. The offensive line charged to protect him are all African-American, and they all took a knee during the national anthem before the Oakland Raiders played the Washington Redskins. Some sources in the NFL have claimed a scandal is being talked about because some believe that the Oakland Raiders offensive line purposely threw the game and allowed Derek Carr to be sacked multiple times all in retaliation for Mr. Carr not taking a knee during the national anthem.

What is giving much cause for concern is that Derek Carr was sacked four times by the Washington Redskins, back-to-back, and last season, with the same offensive line, he was not sacked even once. In addition, the Oakland Raiders center who has a solid reputation as a player, three times snapped the ball at the wrong time before the quarterback was ready. For a professional center in the NFL this is unheard of. It is rumored that one player on the Oakland Raiders offensive line said, “If he wants to stand alone (for the national anthem), he can stand alone on the field.” In addition to the poor play demonstrated by the Oakland Raiders offensive line, several receivers dropped passes which should have otherwise been caught. The National Football League and commissioner Roger Goodell have not commented on the matter, nor have they stated if there is an internal investigation taking place.

If the accusations into the Oakland Raiders offensive line throwing a game is true, this would be the largest scandal in NFL history and would destroy whatever credibility is left of the troubled league. Presently, the NFL stands to lose billions of dollars due to an 11% drop in ratings and a 17.9% drop in ticket sales compared to last week. It was recently revealed that the NFL’s favorability score is in the toilet which is now well below the national average when compared to other professional league sports.

The Armstrong and Getty Radio Show was the first to break this story, and during a recent broadcast, they made a very compelling argument. The Armstrong and Getty Radio Show claim to have insider information that the Oakland Raiders offensive line did, in fact, throw the game, however, they have not named their source.

You have to watch this to believe it!

Adding fuel to the fire, it is also said that a local team reporter attempted to investigate the matter and was met with a severe threat from an Oakland Raiders representative who supposedly said, “If you report on this, you will be blackballed; you will not get access to the Raiders period.” He was also told, “Your career covering the team will be over.” The Oakland Raiders have not commented on this story, and they likely will avoid doing so at all costs.

Many fans (rather former fans) have zero confidence in the National Football League and the teams they used to support. Look on social media and you will see an abundance of videos of fans burning tickets and apparel, and swearing to never support the National Football League again or any business organization associated with the NFL. A scandal involving a team throwing a game and displaying racism toward their quarterback would likely be the nail in the coffin for the beleaguered league. The NFL commissioner has been silent on all of this controversy, minus having the nerve to call President Trump disrespectful. No doubt Roger Goodell has his hands full, and the window to restore the NFL brand is closing.


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