Maxine Waters Just Out Did Nancy Pelosi’s Crazy When She Made This ASTONISHING Statement On Live Television

The “War of the Twits” is in full swing as Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi strive for who can make the most ridiculous statement ever! If these two keep it up they will have to throw Elizabeth Warren in there as a tie breaker soon. Does it absolutely terrify anyone else to know that these morons are actually allowed to cast votes and have opinions on some of the most important decisions ever made for this country?

Mad Max can’t even remember the names of who she is going after to “shut down!” I mean does she mean Putin or Pence? And Pelosi, Lord save us all, does she mean Bush or Trump? Now, to be fair I know that everyone has their moments and can confuse names. Like my mother who constantly confuses my sister’s name with mine and vice versa, but my mother isn’t part of the very Government that we are supposed to be able to rely on to have their facts in order!

According to Allen B. West :

Driven by an insatiable desire to expose Donald Trump for his supposed terrible misdeeds and association with shadowy Russians, Maxine Waters’ relentless pursuit to bring down the administration continues with no end in sight.

In an interview on the perennially Trump-bashing show “The View,” Waters’ continued to bang her usual drum for impeachment. However, this time around, Waters went a little extra loopy.  If you’ve been paying attention, Nancy Pelosi seems to be having a few off moments herself, saying “President Bush” when she means Trump and generally fumbling and stumbling around words. Here’s a particularly cringe-worthy clip.

However, it appears whatever Pelosi’s been smoking has ended up in Waters’ pipe as well.

From Biz Pac Review:

In one exchange with liberal mainstay, Joy Behar, Waters hinted at taking everyone down, not just Trump.

“Do you think Pence will be better than Trump?” Behar asked.

“No,” Waters replied. “And when we finish with Trump we have to go and get Putin.” 

Behar was quick to come to Waters aid, clarifying that she meant Pence and not Russian President Vladimir Putin. Waters did not offer a reason, but considering Pence is a Republican, that’s good enough in her eyes.  You can watch that brilliant moment at about the 3:30 mark:

As Robert Mueller begins to impanel a grand jury to investigate allegations of collusion and criminal activity between Trump and Russian officials, Waters is hoping for the unthinkable and surely believes the end is near for her arch-nemesis …Trump, Pence, Putin or whatever his name is.  Unfortunately, by ratcheting up the rhetoric she’s fast becoming a punchline to a bad joke.

Ok, that is it! I need a serious vacation on an island full of only people with an I.Q. above that of the average pineapple and absolutely no news outlets! Do these women wake up in the morning and think, “what is the dumbest thing I can say today, and which platform is the best place to say it on?” I truly have a hard time believing that people this out of their minds are still in positions of power at ANY level!

We need a severe governmental cleansing based on psych evaluations and term limits, and we need it implemented immediately. Can we hold a special council to decide on a “vote of no confidence” to get these nut jobs out of office immediately? I would be more than willing to head up such an event if it would actually work! Something has to be done in a legal manner to remove those who are well past their prime and way out of their league at this point or our country is doomed no matter what we do.

Seriously folks, get on the phones and start piling on the demands to have these people removed! We do not have to wait for mid-term elections to start voicing our disgust with those that need to go. From Waters, Pelosi, Warren, all the way to McCain, we need to remove the ignorance from our governmental seats, and yes that list is 100 times longer, but I will leave the rest of the names for you to pen in.

It is time to make a difference where a difference will actually count!


H/T [ Allen B. West ]