Maxine Waters Just Told The BIGGEST Lie About President Trump On Live Television Yet

Maxine Waters is at it again, just like the mainstream media, spreading fake news and attempting to undermine a democratically elected President. With Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and Bernie Sanders’ wife all under investigation, you’d think someone in the DNC would get this nutcase to be quiet. Every time Maxine Waters speaks, the only thing she accomplishes is displaying how obtuse and dumb she is.

Let me paint the picture for you, MSNBC has this thing called ‘Moment of Maxine’, yes she has her own TV segment, where brain dead liberals and God knows who else tune in to listen to this garbage. Maxine was carrying on with the fake news story that 17 intelligence agencies concluded unanimously, that Russia interfered with the 2016 Presidential election. Of course, the host of the show, Jonathan Capehart held an unbiased position in his questioning. Here is a partial transcript of the segment:

Jonathan Capehart: After the first face-to-face meeting between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the White House is basically saying, let’s get past this whole Russia interfered in our Democratic process thing. But my next guest is saying not so fast. Joining me now for our Moment Of Maxine, Auntie Maxine to the rest of you, Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Thank you for getting up oh so early there in Los Angeles to be with us today.

Maxine Waters: You’re welcome. Delighted to be with you.

It was at this point, I threw up in my mouth watching this filth, but for the sake of journalistic integrity, I knew for my readers I had to muscle through it.

Jonathan Capehart: So I want to start the conversation with a Tweet you sent out, and our producer Tracy Curry came up with the best sort of translation of it …

Jonathan Capehart goes on to describe this translation of Maxine’s Tweet, which is full of insults and name-calling. You know, what liberals do best because they lack the common sense to form a legitimate retort when faced with facts. Maxine refers to President Trump as weak and impotent and, is mad because President Trump is not being nice to Obama. It is obvious that the filth and fake news is continuing.

Jonathan Capehart: What was so troubling to you about the President at the G20?

 Maxine Waters: Well, I’ll tell you what’s troubling is to me about this President. First of all, he has consistently denied that Russia is responsible for the hacking. He says well it could have been somebody else. He left the United States of America with that position. He went to this meeting with no note takers, uh no staff people, just he and Tillerson. Both of whom want to lift sanctions, and they basically brought up the subject, did not delve very deeply into why Putin and people in the Kremlin and others may have been involved in this hacking. And you know they didn’t talk about our intelligence agencies, 17 of them, who have concluded, that yes, they were involved in the hacking, the undermining of our elections, the undermining of our democracy. That’s what it amounts to. And so Putin you know politely brought it up because he left here with so much pressure. He knew he couldn’t go in there and not say anything. But really he didn’t delve deeply into it and now you have Tillerson and the President believing Putin over all of our intelligence agencies when they’re saying “yes they did”, and Putin is saying, “no he didn’t” in our face………

There are a few things to point our here about Maxine’s statement. First, she carries on with the whole fake ’17 intelligence agencies story’ that they all said Russia conducted hacking operations to undermine the 2016 Presidential Election, but in actuality, the number was 4. Here is a video, which even demonstrates the New York Times had to concede President Trump was accurate in that it was 4 agencies and not 17. Meaning 13 other agencies have serious doubts about whether Russia was involved. This is hardly a conclusive finding.

Second, Maxine said that President Trump did not aggressively press Putin on the issue, which is not true. President Trump stated he brought the issue up twice, aggressively, and Putin denied it. Knowing how President Trump does business I believe him. The fact that there were no staff or note takers present is probably because President Trump and Putin were talking about highly sensitive matters, not for public consumption.

Third, and this is the best one, the part where Maxine seems to get confused between who President Trump is and who Putin is, “And so Putin you know politely brought it up because he left here with so much pressure. He knew he couldn’t go in there and not say anything”. Seems to me Maxine thinks Putin is the President of the United States. How anyone votes for this woman is beyond me. Here is the entire segment in full if you decide to watch it.

*Interestingly, while this video was being compiled, references to this interview were all removed from YouTube, and due to copyright laws, we can’t embed another news outlets video from their direct site.

Segments like this are a perfect example of why stations such as MSNBC and CNN have no credibility. They run stories they know to be false, they do not report the facts, and they give airtime to an elected representative who thinks the President of Russia is actually the President of the United States. Who knows, maybe Maxine is suffering from dementia. Whatever the issue is, it’s clear liberals like Maxine Waters and fake news networks like MSNBC and CNN have an issue with the truth, facts, and common sense. The sad part is, many Americans believe this garbage, and they have the nerve to call Political Mayhem fake news. Give me a break. The folks at CNN and MSNBC better watch out because our journalists are going to take their place at the White House so Americans can get real news.