ALERT: 24 Hours After Judge Halts Trump’s Ban, Here’s The SICK Thing 100 Syrian Refugees Were Caught Doing

Our nation’s security was dealt a devastating blow last night when the 9th circuit court overturned President Trump’s travel ban. The court decided that this ban was unconstitutional even though those who are entering America are not U.S. citizens. This was not the first battle in the war to protect our nation.

In fact, it began last week, when Federal District Judge James Robart issued a restraining order which halted key measures President Donald Trump’s immigration executive order, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.”

After the restraining order was put into place 113 refugees from three countries entered the United States on Monday, according to the State Department’s interactive website: 100 were from Syria, 12 were from Iraq, and one was from Somalia. These unvetted Muslim refugees began to resettle across the country, and the media is silent.

Of the refugees who entered the country, not one of them were Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or any religion other than Islam on Monday. Which is exactly what we all have feared since the mass refugee settlement process began under Barack Hussein Obama.

Though Robart’s restraining order halted Trump’s temporary ban on the countries with terrorist ties is underway, it did not, however, stop one key element. In President Trump’s executive order it placed a cap on how many refugees we would take in per year. For the 2017 Fiscal Year, we would allow 50,000 refugees to enter our borders. As of Tuesday morning, 33,081 refugees have entered the country. So, if my math is correct that means only 16,919 more refugees will be able to enter the country.

However, we know how liberals work and I am sure they will push that number over in order to create more chaos. During the last year of Obama’s administration, he allowed 84,995 refugees to enter, which is well over the 50,000 limit Trump has called for.

This will be a long battle which means we all need to be doing our part to stop the liberal agenda. The leftists will do all that they can to thwart Trump’s administration even if that means putting Americans at risk. These people only care about one thing, and that is to remain in power and destroy our country, and we cannot allow them to win.

What do you think?

H/T [ Conservative Tribune ]