Michelle Obama Tries To Take Over As First Lady At NASCAR Event, Gets DESTROYED Instead

With Michelle Obama trying to make herself constantly relevant, and at one point trying to convince people she is a sex symbol, it’s appropriate to take a look at one very significant moment back in 2011, when the First Lady Michelle Obama was a Grand Marshal at a NASCAR Race event at Homestead Miami Speedway. Whoever on the Obama staff thought this was a good idea is beyond me. The demographic of NASCAR fans is the exact opposite of what the Obama’s stand for. Consequently, when First Lady Michelle Obama was announced, she got a very obvious boo from the crowd. The U.S. Army Veteran standing next to her, however, received a great big applause.  The first lady was at the NASCAR race with Jill Biden, who was promoting a veteran organization called Joining Forces.

The not so warm welcome Michelle Obama received was so embarrassing to the Obama Administration that they didn’t even mention it in a released statement following the race, thinking that Americans and the internet would forget. The statement read, “Mrs. Obama was proud to join NASCAR in recognizing our nation’s veterans and military families to raise awareness of this important issue for all Americans,” Shake said. “As she has always said, she will proudly stand with anyone making a major commitment to serve and honor our military community and yesterday, NASCAR did just that. They paid special tribute to our veterans and military families at the championship race by donating over 5,000 tickets to military families and by honoring Sergeant Berry and his family, true American heroes. Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden enjoyed their visit to the speedway and are looking forward to working across the country to honor America’s veterans and military families.” This statement is pure political spin. If First Lady Michelle Obama was so concerned about veterans, then maybe her time would have been better served helping to fix the VA, and not shoving a disgusting school lunch program down everyone’s throat.

In another futile attempt to make herself relevant, Michelle Obama gave an interview where she referred to herself as “America’s sex symbol.” Her exact words were, “As I got older, I found that men would whistle at me or make comments about how I looked as I walked down the street,” saying that men would routinely cat call as she walked by. “As if my body were their property. As if I were an object to be commented on instead of a full human being with thoughts and feelings of my own.” This statement went over so well that the Twitterverse had a field day with the former First Lady, but oddly, feminists seemed to not have an issue with her statement.

Some of the comments displayed on Twitter and Facebook were rather harsh. Here are just a few to wet your palate:

“What sex and what species? Maybe a Congress of Baboons or Silverbacks. Pesky liberals and Democrats, if it is not dead people for votes in a poll, then it is raiding the zoo.”

“More like an abstinence symbol, I think.”

“These people are totally delusional – Obama thinks he’s a straight guy born in Hawaii that did a great job as President – WRONG. Michael thinks he is a woman who was the best first lady every and is a sex symbol in America – WRONG. These two guys need help – they are living in a fantasy world.”

 “Her poor attitude and condescending arrogance is a symbol for abstinence. A person’s charm is what attracts. She is disgusting. Every parent of a horny teenage boy should make certain he has a picture Michelle in his wallet next to the Trojan.”

 “She is a sex symbol….a symbol for not wanting sex. Picture her every time you look at someone and you definitely won’t want sex.”

And my favorite, which still has me laughing, is the following statement:

“There is not enough alcohol or drugs available that could ever make Manchelle Obama a sex symbol. That would be like dragging your balls across 5 miles of broken glass just to hear Michael Moore fart in a payphone.”

Throughout the eight horrendous years of the Obama Presidency, Barry took every chance he had to as he put it, “fundamentally change America.” This included everything from sticking us with Obamacare, allowing our veterans to die on VA waiting lists, and also the funding of ISIS he facilitated along with help from the traitor Senator John McCain. So is it any wonder that American’s would boo Michelle at a NASCAR event?

Liberals like Michelle and Barry are always concerned more with their own narcissism rather than actually doing the job for which they were hired. Thankfully President Trump is more focused on America than apologizing to our enemies.

H/T [Patriot Beacon, Freedom Daily]




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