Military Leader Breaks Rank and Reveals HORRIFYING Traps Obama Left To Destroy Trump

When President Trump was elected in November, Barack Obama promised that there would be a peaceful transition of power. However, between the Obama holdovers that leaked information regarding National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and Obama training agitators, it has been anything but peaceful. Now a retired lieutenant colonel has stepped forward and confirmed Americans worst fears, and it is worse than we thought.

Anyone that has served in the military knows what a tripwire is. These wires are extremely dangerous and difficult to detect till it is too late. That is exactly what is happening in the White House, well metaphorically speaking. Obama in his zeal to bring down the Trump administration and to protect his legacy has set up  “tripwires” throughout the White House ready to blow at any moment.

Retired lieutenant colonel Tony Shaffer, confirmed the presence of these “tripwires” in an interview on Fox News this past Thursday. Shaffer alleged that “[Senior Adviser] Ben Rhodes laid trip wires for things to go off like booby traps,” Shaffer asserted that Flynn’s demise was one of those tripwires that were “planned by the Obama administration”.

Shaffer also added that Trump needs to clean house in the mid-level and political appointees. While CIA Director Mike Pompeo and other Trump appointees are sharing the information that they receive, there are those that are deciding what information they choose to share or hold back.

“That’s why you need to look at a house-cleaning,” Shaffer said.

This is pure Obama sabotage and it needs to be stopped and fast. These people all need to be fired from their positions and never step foot in the White House again. The left is absolutely determined to bring down Trump and they do not care who is harmed in the process.
As Shaffer said in his blistering commentary, “some of those professionals were selected [during the Obama years] because of their political reliability, not because of their professional ethics.”
That is why it is imperative that Trump clean house from the top to the bottom or these leaks and sabotage will continue.
H/T [ Conservative Tribune ]