Muslim Invasion Overtaking Canada! Here’s The SICK Thing A Migrant Man Did To His Pregnant Wife

A horrifying story out of Canada has recently made its way to the mainstream media, however, as is usually the case, certain aspects are left out of the news reporting in an effort to support an agenda. Sofiane Ghazi, a Muslim immigrant living in Canada has been charged with murder for stabbing his pregnant wife so many times that he killed the baby inside her. Canadian prosecutors have also charged Ghazi with attempted murder, uttering death threats, and armed robbery. Thankfully, According to court records, Mr. Ghazi is still in prison, and will not appear in court until August 25th of this year.

The stabbing took place Monday morning after police had been at the Ghazi residence to investigate a domestic dispute. It is this police presence which is believed to have been the initial cause of Sofiane Ghazi justifying his horrendous actions. Montreal Police Officer Manuel Couture stated, “When police arrived they discovered the woman in the apartment, covered in blood, bleeding from multiple stab wounds, the woman was conscious when Urgences Santé arrived, but the urgency was to get her to hospital.” Though doctors were successful in delivering the baby via C-Section, the baby died a few hours’ later, prompting Canadian prosecutors to bring the charge of murder.

The left wing media would have us believe that despite this case and others like it, Islam is a religion of peace. Taking a look at countries and communities that have allowed a Muslim invasion, there is also a correlation with an increase in domestic disputes, stabbings, and violence against non-Muslims. For example, take a look at the city of Minneapolis or what is going on now in Dearborn, Michigan. The sudden infiltration of Muslim immigrants into these once conservative American communities is no accident. Rather, this infiltration is part of a terrorist plan to overthrow the United States Government starting at the local level. There is more than enough evidence on YouTube of Muslims in American cities such as Minneapolis and Dearborn openly proclaiming that Sharia Law needs to replace the United States Constitution. Yet the Federal Government doesn’t revoke the citizenship of these terrorist sympathizers, and many act surprised at the increase in violence as well as the total disregard for American law.

Prissy Holly from Freedom Daily hit the nail on the head when she stated in a recent article that “Muslims understand completely that in order to take over America, they must creep into every facet of our society, including our government, law enforcement, and our schools. Getting their nasty talons wrapped around the minds of our young people is paramount, which is why so many Muslims are becoming educated and getting jobs at universities across the Untied States”.

Liberal politicians here in the United States of America and in Canada go out of their way to placate to terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim immigrants who likely have some sort of terrorist ties, all this in an effort to create another class of Democrat voters to use as pawns. There is no concern for the safety of the citizenry.

The Islamification of America includes the deceptive practice of thinking it is okay to call for the genocide of white people under the guise of cultural diversity. California State University Professor Mohammed Abed thinks Muslims in America are morally obligated to commit white genocide. Imagine the liberal outcry if a white professor called for the genocide of blacks or Jews. Yet, if it is a Muslim professor, this somehow gets a pass without a visit from the FBI?

So how is the stabbing case in Canada and the Muslim Professor Mohammed Abed calling for “white genocide” related? Well, it comes down to a particular way of thinking. In both instances, Sofiane Ghazi stabbing his pregnant wife, and the Muslim Professor calling for “white genocide” is rationalized because it is morally justified in the eyes of Allah. There is no regard for American law, Canadian law, or the respect for other religions in a society. According to the Koran, there is only room for Islam, and those who don’t conform are eligible targets for violence.

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