Muslim Migrant Live Streams His Rape Of White Woman, His Lawyer Gives SICK Six-Word Excuse For Him In Court

Sweden is one of the many countries in Europe that has been overrun with Muslim immigrants intent on destroying European culture and instituting Sharia Law. Part of this includes the permissible rape of the local women. The Quran dictates that Muslims are encouraged to live the way the prophet Mohammed did which included keeping female slaves and forcing the slaves to have sex. The rape culture of the Muslim religion in the Middle East is alive and well, and Muslim immigrants are bringing this rape culture with them. The website covers the issue of slavery and forced sex extensively documented in the Quran, with multiple references.

So it comes as no surprise that a recent case in Sweden demonstrates how perverted the minds are of these Muslim invaders in Europe. Muslim immigrant Emil Khodagholi was convicted of defamation in a Swedish court for filming the rape of a Swedish woman and live broadcasting it on Facebook. His punishment was a 6-month jail sentence and his lawyer, Andreas Welin, is claiming that his client didn’t know it was rape and is seeking to have his client’s six-month jail term completely overturned. As if the claim of not knowing it wasn’t rape didn’t insult the victim enough, Mr. Welin is claiming his client is mentally handicapped, yet he was fully capable to live broadcast a violent act.

A large audience saw the rape which occurred back in January 2017, and police were called. However, no one from Facebook took action to shut down the broadcast at the time of the incident. After this story made headlines, another woman came forward claiming that one of the men in the video also raped her in her own shower.

The two men who actually committed the rape are immigrants seeking asylum with no Swedish citizenship, and they received the longer sentences of two years and 4 months respectively. Adding insult to injury, these two men who brutally violated this woman are not going to be deported because of a Swedish law called the Swedish Aliens Act. So, when they are released from prison, they will be free to rape again.

This case and many others like it are a prime example of why countries such as Poland and Hungary are fighting the European Union who are attempting to force other countries to allow these violent Muslim terrorists into their borders. Poland, which has held their ground basically told the European Union to pound sand. Coincidentally, Poland has not been the subject of any terrorist attacks or Polish women being raped by Muslim immigrants. The same can’t be said for countries such as Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

In America, liberal politicians in Washington D.C. are attempting to do what the European Union has done with this forced immigration of Muslim immigrants, but states have fought back and told the federal government no. However, American cities such as Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Dearborn, Michigan, have not been so lucky. Both of these American cities look nothing like what they once did.

Police departments across Europe have been plagued by incidents of North African Muslim migrants sexually assaulting women. In some countries like Germany, the problem has gotten so bad that citizens received warnings from their local police departments to be on the lookout for groups of these immigrants who are intent on raping.

Art Moore from WND documented this in a recent article of his. “A caller to a British radio show who had just returned from the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Germany defended German police against the racial-profiling charge, insisting “outsiders” could not understand the overwhelming fear the German people have felt amid the migrant crisis. The caller, noting he was married to a German, told the host of the show on the London station LBC, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, the problem is “that thing people don’t appreciate outside of Germany is what’s going on there on a daily, on an hourly, basis.” “Public swimming pools, the sex offenses that are taking place in universities and schools; the people of Germany are currently terrified of what’s going on,” he said. He said Germany had changed fundamentally after Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed 1.1 million migrants to enter the country without vetting”.

Interestingly, Democrats in Washington D.C. want a similar non-vetting process and would like to see an overflow of Muslim migrants come into the United States and cause chaos. Thankfully, President Trump has put a stop to this madness by executive order.

H/T [The Religion Of Peace, Breitbart, Counter Jihad Report ]


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