Muslim Who Shot Unarmed White Woman Emerges From Hiding With SICK Message For America

Is it really a good idea to put people in positions of authority for the sake of diversity? That question has been on many people’s minds after a tragic shooting of an Australian woman who was living in Minneapolis. Her life was tragically cut short after she called the police over a possible rape she believed was taking place.

Now there are new details emerging in the tragic shooting of Justine Damond at the hands of Mohamed Noor the Minneapolis police officer who is a Somali-American who entered the country as a refugee and was the first Somali to be employed by the department’s 5th precinct as a “diversity” hire. While Noor has not given much information into the events that led up to the fateful shooting, he has apparently been speaking to family members and they have been speaking on his behalf. The family has claimed that it was a sincere accident that took place. They were quoted saying “We feel so bad about this, we are traumatized ourselves. It’s so unfortunate.” They continued their statement saying, “If you wait for the investigation you’ll know it was an honest and sincere event that transpired. Until then we can’t really say anything.”

According to Young Conservatives:

While Mohamed Noor isn’t cooperating with investigators, his friends and those with whom he has shared his story have described what he said to some in media.

The fact that he’s sharing a version to get out through friends, but not cooperating with investigators is problematic.

Apparently, his story through the friends is as they arrived on the scene, with their lights off, he heard a ‘loud report’ which may have been a firework nearby.

As he heard the report, he saw a figure coming out of the darkness and wasn’t even sure whether the figure was a man or a woman.

He believed they were being ambushed and fired across his partner who was in the driver’s seat and through the driver’s side window at her.

From Daily Mail:

The friend said: ‘Mohamed believes he acted to protect himself and his colleague but accepts that she was not armed.

‘It was over in seconds and it was a very tense moment. He is sorry for the woman and her family.

‘But he would never have opened fire without genuinely feeling in danger.’

How did he feel in danger? There was never any indication that the woman who made the report ever had any weapon or that she threatened the very same officers she called to investigate the incident. If he was unable to identify the woman, how could he verify there was ever a gun in the first place?

Noor, who is now suspended form the Minneapolis P.D., feels he has been “thrown under the bus,” said the friend.

He feels like he is being thrown under the bus and his colleagues are accusing him of not showing proper police conduct on Saturday night.

His feeling is “I am an immigrant, a Muslim and not white… but that is OK as I know the Somalian community and friends will support me.”

But Noor was in breach of his own police department’s strict bodycam rules and now faces severe punishment, even if exonerated and could lose his job for not following the guidelines.

The officer knew he was compelled to switch on his body camera and record his interactions when answering a 911 call of a report of sexual assault.

Department policy says it should be switched on for “any search”, and crucially, “prior to any use of force.”

Meanwhile, Justine Damond’s family and friends want answers and are not accepting the lack of an official story from Noor.

A heartbreaking video of Damond from just a few weeks before has emerged, where Damond was filmed trying to help save a family of ducklings.

It’s a shame this gentle woman was cut down in the prime of her life. The family of Justine Damond deserve the truth and politics should not play a factor in this case. What’s wrong is wrong and this officer needs to be in jail for his actions. Once again our “leaders” are putting the citizens in danger all for the sake of “diversity.”

H/T Young Conservatives