Muslim Terrorist Caught STEALING Funds From Hurricane Victims

Nothing is more disgusting than a person using a tragedy to fund their own pockets unless it happens to be a Terroristic Women’s March organizer using a fake Hurricane relief fund to garner donations for her sick and twisted army of protesters to continue to destroy our country. That’s right, Linda Sarsour is working the emotions of Americans pretty hard for her own disgusting personal agenda.

As an infiltrator for ISIS, it sure is easy for this terrorist to gather the support of people who are supposed to be Americans. But those who truly have this country’s best interest at heart are on the ball and quick to call a fraud a fraud. This was the wrong disaster to try and cash in on, Linda, and you would have known it was a bad idea if you ever actually had a grasp on the true pulse of America.

According to Freedom Daily :

As tens of thousands of suffering Americans battle the aftermath of the catastrophic hurricane that ripped through their communities, we continue to see heart-warming images of people from all over the country uniting with the rescue efforts, proving that the spirit and soul of America is alive and well. But unfortunately, there’s malicious individuals out there using the tragedy to con Americans and make a quick buck, as we continue to see massive looting by thugs, and greedy companies jacking up the prices on necessary items to cash on the suffering victims. Now a well-known Muslim who is the sweetheart of the left is doing something so unbelievable to con hurricane victims out of their money, in an brazen act of fraud that will leave you furious.

Jew-killing terrorist and Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour instantly became the sweetheart of the left when she called for Trump’s assassination several months back, calling on her fellow Muslims and liberals to wage “jihad” on the president in order to permanently stop his agenda. Given this woman’s radical anti-American agenda, it didn’t take long for Sarsour to devise a nasty plot to cash in on the hurricane victims, luring well-intentioned Americans to donate to her “hurricane relief fund.”

Jew-killing terrorist and Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour “Donate to the #Harvey Hurricane Relief Fund,” she tweeted with a link to her “charity.”

But shortly after mad amounts of cash began rolling in, several people began to quickly notice that the money that Sarsour was imploring Americans to give her was not a charity at all, but a massive scam to raise cash for her radical extremist group that only exists to run left-wing counter operations against Trump.

Users were alarmed when they clicked the link the Muslim terrorist provided in her tweet, only to be redirected to a page that describes what their donated funds will be used for, where the scam website states:

“Rebuilding in areas impacted by Harvey will be most challenging for marginalized communities. Nearly a quarter of Houstonians live in poverty, approximately 550,000 people, and there are about 575,000 immigrants in the Houston metro area. We will work to ensure that Harvey’s most vulnerable victims have access to critical services from first response and basic needs to healthcare, housing and transportation.”

“Together we will organize and advocate for our devastated communities, shining a spotlight on inequalities that emerge in the restoration of lives, livelihoods, and homes, amplifying the needs of hard-hit communities, and providing legal assistance for residents wrongfully denied government support.”

Sarsour will use the donated funds to pad the pockets of her radical leftist organization, lying that the funds will go to help rebuild the community, as Sarsour led donors to believe in her tweet.

“They will use the funds to rabble rouse and complain that minorities aren’t getting enough help,” one investigative journalist from BIZ Pac review exposed. “They won’t actually do anything to help anyone rebuild from this devastating hurricane.”

Sarsour is currently in deep crap for conducting massive fraud for the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, and information on her illegal antics were quickly forwarded to President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “Conducting FUNDING FRAUD For Hurricane Harvey Relief,” one twitter user blasted out.

Others investigated the matter further, believing that Sarsour’s actions were definitely criminal as she’s actively soliciting donations to pad her radical leftist group.


Another person pointed out how incredibly stupid Sarsour was for believing that her massive hoax to steal money from hurricane victims would go unnoticed.

Others were quick to chime in and call Sarsour out for her disgusting antics.

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” one twitter user said.

“This is a link to a political action committee. Not to victims relief” said another.

It’s truly sick how this woman would so callously use this tragedy to con charitable Americans out of their hard-earned money, while pocketing the funds meant to go to suffering hurricane victims. It’s no wonder that liberals and Muslims get along so well, as these self-serving criminals will do anything to further their radical political agendas. Hopefully, Trump will catch wind of this and rid America of this terrorist by locking her up and throwing away the key!

This definitely will not go well for her, and if you would like to join in on getting this terrorist defunded feel free to share the hell out of this article and go re-tweet her fund to @realDonaldTrump

H/T [ Freedom Daily ]



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