Muslim Uber Driver Pummels ‘White B*tch’ With Fists, But Has Something WORSE For Her Little Girl

As the liberals continue to advocate for the rights of violent Muslims who vow to take over the world with their caliphate, more and more atrocities continue to unfold around the world at the hands of these vermin. Now a mother and her young baby have been left completely traumatized by what a Muslim Uber driver put them through, proving yet again that these people will never assimilate into modern civilization.

A young mother by the name of Annastazia called an Uber recently to get a ride home from a friend’s wedding with her young baby, Savannah. But little did she know the Muslim driver would make her the victim of Sharia Law the entire way home, where punching her in the face and calling her a “white bitch” would only be the beginning of his plans. By the end of the turbulent ride home, the Muslim would then set his sites on the little toddler in the vehicle as well.

Annastazia explains that everything began to go rapidly deteriorate after insisting to the Muslim driver that her child’s car seat needed be properly placed in the vehicle. After the mother was apparently taking too long for the disgruntled Muslim, he told her to just put the baby on her lap. When she kept arguing back telling him that doing so would be against the law, he told her, “I don’t listen to women…I tell women what to do not the other way around.”

From there tensions only escalated, with things completely boiling over when they reached her house in London, England. Annastazia was about to get out of the car, when the Muslim walked to her side of the vehicle and sucker punched her right in the face as he screamed “white bitch” and began slugging her again. But unfortunately, that was just the beginning of the onslaught, as the nasty Muslim then unleashed his next set of sick plans involving the toddler in the back seat.

After screaming at the woman that her child’s father must “be a slave” because he married a white woman, he then attempted to kidnap the mother and child, where he began forcibly grabbing them in the attempt to shove them back into the vehicle. But luckily for Annastazia and her baby, neighbors heard the commotion going on outside and quickly called the police before rushing down to their aid.

So yet again, more people are traumatized at the hands of vile Muslims who base their entire religion on subjugating women and killing off anyone who doesn’t comply with their barbaric 6th century religion. Thank God that besides just being slapped in the face, Annastazia wasn’t harmed any further, and she that and her baby made it out alive. Had they both been stuffed back into the car, who knows what this Muslim would’ve done to them!

H/T [Mad World News]