Muslim Who Faked Hate Crime About Trump Supporter Gets Brutal Smackdown In Court

Last December, Yasmin Seweid, a Muslim woman, claimed that several Trump supporters verbally assaulted her while she was on the New York City Subway. On her Facebook page she posted, “Three white racists yelled such disgusting slurs at me, I was so helpless and felt defenseless.” She claimed that these Trump supporters said, “Look it’s a f-king terrorist”, “go back to your country, you don’t belong here” and directed other racial slurs toward her. This supposedly innocent Muslim woman claimed this happened on a full subway car. However, there was never any video or audio proof of this incident. Ms. Seweid went so far as to report this incident to police. While making her official report, she claimed she was attacked by three white males, in their 20’s, who were all Trump supporters.

The mainstream media jumped all over this, and turned Yasmin Seweid into some sort of hero. The mainstream media didn’t bother to confirm if her story was even true, but it didn’t matter. The story of a young Muslim girl being assaulted by white Trump supporters fit the hateful narrative pushed by the mainstream media. Ms. Seweid even claimed that these men attempted to remove her hijab. At the time of the incident she told Police and her Father that she was unable to call family or friends because her phone battery was depleted. Eventually she arrived at Penn Station, charged her phone, made a report to police, and had her Father come and pick her up.

The story was rife with holes from the beginning, and it seemed strange to police that no one on the train came to her defense, nor was the incident filmed by anyone. In an age where everyone has a mobile phone with a high-resolution camera, this seemed odd, but still, police investigated anyways. After this supposed incident, and Ms. Seweid’s report to police, she disappeared, and the New York City Police Department then had to go look for a missing teenager.

Then it finally came out that Ms. Seweid lied and made up the whole story. Her motive? Apparently she had missed curfew, and rather than take responsibility for her actions, she decided to blame fictional Trump supporters. The blame game, and accepting no responsibility, a page right out of liberal logic 101.

On Friday of last week, Ms. Seweid, who was in court not wearing a hijab, pleaded guilty to falsely reporting an incident and disorderly conduct. She admitted in open court that she wasted valuable police resources, which could have been used to investigate real crime. Her punishment consists of six months of counseling and three days of community service. Hardly a punishment at all. Ms. Seweid wrote an apology letter, which was read in court by the prosecutor. The not so sincere letter said in part, “I was stupid. I plan to continue to find ways to better myself.” Yet, she wasn’t sorry at the time she made the false allegations to save her own skin because of a mistake she made.

This incident is a perfect example of how determined the mainstream media and the no so moderate Muslims in the United States want to destroy President Trump’s reputation, along with anyone who supports him, and of course it is always the fault of the young white male and their white privilege.

For a while this girl had everyone fooled. Her neighbors felt bad for her; yet she got her 15 minutes of fame, and even appeared on NY Newsday referring to her fictional attackers as pigs. During her 15 minutes of fame she didn’t seem to be sorry for anything, until of course when she was caught and had to plead guilty.

Stories like this should give Americans and police departments serious cause for concern. For one, there are real incidents of hate crimes going on which need to be investigated, and when false accusations are made, real victims can’t get the help they need from police. Second, there is the potential for innocent people to be assumed guilty until proven innocent if they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Imagine if there really were Trump supporters on the train with her, but they did nothing wrong. Police likely would have questioned them, and the mainstream media would have been crucifying anyone questioned by police. The important part is that Ms. Seweid’s deception was uncovered, and perhaps the real punishment is the public shame she will have to deal with because of her lies.

H/T [, The New York Daily News]


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