Muslim Woman Gets Sick Surprise From Infidel Hair Dresser After Making a Sharia Law Demand

There is a reason why people are ticked off at Sharia Law. Those with common sense see how this religion infringes on others and that is unacceptable to us. Muslims demand that we change our traditions for theirs, and we know that isn’t going to happen. Westerners are the ones punished for refusing to comply with their beliefs. Well, one woman had enough of it and

Via Conservative Tribune:

Norwegian stylist Merete Hodne was caught between a rock and a hard place when a 24-year-old Muslim woman, Malika Bayan, came into her salon to have her hair styled. In accordance with Shariah law, she needed to have no men present to undo her hijab and uncover her hair to be styled. So she demanded Hodne remove all men from the premises. Hodne, a stylist for both men and women, couldn’t comply without discriminating. Her response, however, was a little over the top.

According to the Express, she literally said she didn’t “want this evil inside the doors where I’m in charge,” which was discrimination, according to local authorities. “I fear the totalitarian symbol of the hijab which says that I should be killed, and for me, it is quite unnatural to provide good service in my situation. As most people know hijab-clad women do not get to show their hair to men. My salon is a men and women’s hair salon,” she said. “It would have been deeply discriminatory if I had banished men from the lounge because of a woman who could not show her hair to them,” she said.

This woman is exactly right. She has every right not to follow their customs in her own shop. If they do not like it they can go somewhere else that follows their customs. This is what will happen more and more if we do not stand against it.

H/T [ Conservative Tribune ]