Nasty Liberal Does Something DEMENTED To War Veteran After Noticing His Severe Injuries From The War

With everything that veterans do for our country, they should be the most respected citizens in America.  We do not have an active draft, so our military is made up entirely of volunteers. But sadly, not everyone living in America share those same sentiments.

Our country was founded on these the selfless sacrifice of our military men and women.  So it sickens me to see the blatant disrespect for our armed forces. One of the many honors that a service member can receive is the Purple Heart, which is awarded when someone is severely wounded in war. But one ungrateful heartless liberal decided to make his vile sentiments towards one purple heart recipient, showing the true demented nature of the liberal mindset. Below is a note that one veteran had plastered on his vehicle after a liberal noticed his purple heart sticker:

The veteran who shared the image confesses he gets attacked by the opposition when he wears a Veterans hat in public.

The liberal left will do everything in their power to disrupt and destroy the America most of us know and love. I for one cannot tolerate this. Leaving hate mail for soldiers is not free speech; it is just disrespect on the highest level. Maybe the tides will turn now that the “Anti-American” Obama is out of the office.

Next time you see a veteran, be sure to smile at them, they did so much for us.

H/T: [Conservative dailyProud Veteran Eric]