Obama FURIOUS At Humiliating Thing His Home State Of Illinois Just Did That Proves How Much They Actually HATE Him

The one thing that separated Barack Hussein Obama from all other U.S. presidents was his enormous over-inflated ego. Walking around with a freaking selfie stick and winking at himself in the mirror was a common occurrence at the White House, as this man couldn’t quite seem to get enough of his own reflection. But unfortunately for Obama, he just got his entire ego wrecked by his home state of Illinois after the brutal message they just sent to the man who has fancied himself a royal king for the past 8 years.

President selfie

Obama loves to make everything about him, as evidenced by his inability to speak for a solid minute without mentioning himself at least 4 or 5 times. So what better way to pay tribute to himself than making his birthday a celebrated freaking holiday! While I’m sure this plan was brilliant one for old Barry, his home state wasn’t so keen with jumping on board. When given the opportunity to make Obama’s birthday a state holiday, legislators in Illinois immediately shut it down, falling a whopping 6 votes short with their vote on Tuesday.

Sucks when you’re not quite as revered as you thought, huh Obama? Wonder how many hugs Obama had to get from his Iranian Muslim sidekick Valerie Jarrett after this heart-wrenching news broke? I bet Obama is furious that America is no longer kissing his ass.

H/T [Fox2 Now]