Obama Planted This Sinister Thing In The Oval Office To Sabotage President Trump That Was Just Discovered

While we all throw discussions around about how angry we are that the Obamas are still scrubbing off of the people’s tax money for their lavish vacations and such, there is much more than the average eye is seeing. Numerous times articles have been written outlining the very treasonous and seditious actions of Obama prior to his exit from the presidency, yet many seem to let it slide right off their backs.

Now, however, numerous reports and interviews are being done with White House staffers who are outlining exactly how Obama put in place every single thing that would be needed to make it almost impossible for President Trump to do his actual job. To add the icing to the rights truth-victory cake many mainstream outlets are now running stories on Obama and his less than legal activities concerning his shadow government and his end of term sabotage.

So while the Obamas jet around the world living it up on our money they should be very aware that there isn’t one of their secrets that the people, as well as their former staff, aren’t exposing and speaking on. We can only hope and pray that the powers that be heed what we provide them with and do the right thing by pressing charges to the max.

According Patriot Beacon :

It’s only been seven months since Barack Obama left the White House and handed it over to Donald Trump. Now, however, the sick thing he left behind there has been revealed to the public.

Conservative Fighters reported that former White House officials have confirmed that Obama planted “moles” in the White House to sabotage Trump. They said that Obama instructed them to leave a “trail of evidence” that could possibly lead to Trump’s impeachment.



This comes after Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager confirmed that Obama had wiretapped Trump.



This comes after Freedom Daily reported that Obama has been running a war room out of his Washington D.C. home, and the goal is to take down President Donald Trump. This was revealed by political pollster and one-time aide to former President Bill Clinton Dick Morris, who said the war room holds two conference calls daily to hash out media talking points, with a particular focus on health care. Americans first caught on to this war room two months ago, when Obama’s former advisor Valerie Jarrett moved into his home.

Hillary, Obama, Warren, Pelosi, McCain, and many others are all part of this attempted Trump derailment and it is so very painfully obvious. Draining the swamp, however, is going to take some time and while many on the right scream that it is taking too long, or they are tired of hearing about it and someone should “just do something already,” we have to maintain patience. Just because things have not automatically happened the very second that Trump took over doesn’t mean that it is not being worked on.

Knowing the business background of Trump is important in these cases because it provided one the ability to see that he more than likely has a very sturdy case being built in a dark room somewhere against every single one of these traitors and he will probably let it all out at once. He does like to do things big and with as much shock factor as possible. His first four years will be dealing with these monkeys, and hopefully, his next four will be fully implementing his changes to get us completely back on track.

Nice try Obama, but WE THE PEOPLE were already onto you and now that you have no true hold on your staff and/or other officials they are spilling the beans in quite a speedy and epic fashion. Machiavelli said, “It is a double pleasure to deceive the deceiver,” and I truly believe that is what Trump is doing. Allow all the traitors to think they are infallible while gathering everything up for the biggest corruption case this country has ever seen and then slam them with it.

What do you think about how Obama ran a sabotage campaign against President Trump, and what are your thoughts on how Trump may already be dealing with this secret? Let us know in the comments!

H/T [ Patriot Beacon ]