Obama Wakes To HORRIFYING News After Trump Takes Sledge Hammer To 860 Things Of His

MAGAnomics is here folks and it is sure to do exactly what is sounds like. Make the American economic infrastructure great again! Where Obama placed hundreds of unnecessary, and some downright ignorant, regulations on companies that had no actual bearing on progress, Trump plans to do the opposite, and in a big way.

The American infrastructure has been teetering on the edge of unsure ground for many years, and the American people have stated their displeasure repeatedly to the deaf ears of our leaders to no avail. Make no mistake, everything is different now. It may take years to fully restore sanity and correct the economic uncertainty in this country, but Trump is making one hell of a start-up dent in the madness.

We often complain that federal involvement in ALL things is getting way out of hand, and Trump’s 2 for 1 policy on federal regulations proves that he sees it as well. The new policy indicates that for every 2 regulations cut there will only be 1 to replace them. Imagine a country that can once again prosper with incentives for more sales, more intake, and more jobs, with a policy as simple as the decrease of trumped up regulations.

Senior administration officials touted it as the “most significant administrative action in the world of regulatory reform since President Reagan created the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) in 1981.”

According to Breitbart :

President Donald Trump’s White House has, according to Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Mick Mulvaney, removed or withdrawn about 860 Obama administration-era federal regulations.

The massive decrease in regulations is part of the Trump administration’s overall deregulatory agenda, Mulvaney said during a press briefing Thursday.

Updating reporters on President Trump’s 2-for-1 policy for federal regulations — which requires cutting two regulations for every one new implemented regulation — Mulvaney said we are at 16-to-1, Breitbart News’s Michelle Moons reports.

Speaking to the “slow accretion, that slow cancer that can come from regulatory burdens that we put on our people,” the OMB director said during the “last six months here, the Obama Administration put on over six billion dollars in new regulatory burden,” adding, “We had zero.”

Mulvaney also unveiled a new economic plan for America called “MAGAnomics,” which, he said will tackle “tax reform, the regulatory accountability project (previously called the unified agenda), energy dominance, welfare reform, infrastructure, trade policies, trade, and spending restraint” in a way that will raise the economic growth rate to more than three percent.

The Trump administration’s plan, Mulvaneysaid, is to continue to cut and decrease Americans’ regulatory burden in the coming years as a means to spur economic growth.

This is how we begin to truly MAGA, and this is why we opted to no longer vote for a career politician as our President but instead voted for a business man who can see and understand that his job is to create a working business out of a country that can and should be growing and prospering by the day.

No more ignorant and greedy jurassic talking heads that have been in politics for way too long to understand that fresh blood must replace the old in order to gain ground. No more overburdening American companies to the point that they move to other countries just to be able to make a buck and in the process leave hundreds of thousands jobless and struggling.

It is our time to be at the top of the growth chart once again. America used to set the standard in most things and we will again as long as we stick with those willing to take on problems as big as the federal regulations and welfare reform. We are Americans and we work to pave our own ways. Trump has done far more already than most people thought he could, and it doesn’t look like he will be slowing down any time soon.

When President Trump first signed the 2 for 1 he stated, “The American dream is back. This isn’t a knock on President Obama; this is a knock on many president[s] preceding me,” he continued, referring to the burdens on businesses. “Regulation has been horrible for big business, but it’s been worse for small business.”

Amen and God Bless America!

H/T [ Breitbart ]