O’REILLY DROPS BOMBSHELL Report About Key Accuser In Sexual Harassment Case and FOX News Is Freaking Out

In the past year and a half, many conservative commentators and reporters have been accused of horrible things and fired for nothing more than accusations with no proof of the actual offense. Frankly, it is a disgusting action of “proven guilty until found innocent.” It seems that each time evidence comes out AFTER the fact that the accuser was lying, paid off, or coerced into being a part of the fake propaganda to get rid of anyone who will stand and tell the truth on camera.

Bill O’Reilly may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he still deserves to be innocent until proven guilty which his accuser, Perquita Burgess, has still failed to provide proof of.

According to 100% Fed Up :

Bill O’Reilly needs to ask the investigators assigned to defend him in a sexual harassment case that eventually led to his firing for a full refund. O’Reilly’s reputation, as well as his career, were destroyed by a woman, who it turns out, is not only a two-bit phony, but a liar as well.

O’Reilly tweeted, “Sorry to have to post this article but it is necessary to expose the evil in play in this country. More to come.” after Newsmax broke the story about a key accuser in the O’Reilly sexual harassment case that eventually led to his firing by the liberal Murdoch brothers at the Fox News network.

Newsmax has obtained two documents that cast doubt on Burgess’s credibility.

A Detroit Police report dated Feb. 11, 2015, documents Burgess’s arrest on charges of making a false report and obstructing a court order.

According to the police document, Burgess called authorities and alleged her boyfriend had struck her in the face with a gun. Police said when they arrived at the scene Burgess “appeared intoxicated.”

The arresting officer stated: “I asked Ms. Burgess where the gun was that she was struck with in the face, she replied there is no gun. I again asked her where the gun was, and if she had been assaulted. Ms. Burgess stated there was no gun, and he didn’t assault me!”

The boyfriend told police she had threatened him, saying she would call “the cops saying you hit me with a gun!”

According to the police document, Burgess was arrested for filing a false felony report and for violating a personal protection order.

In a statement provided to Newsmax, Lisa Bloom, Burgess’s attorney, acknowledges the police report involving her client, but states that Burgess and her former boyfriend “both believe the charges were based on a misunderstanding and were not pursued by the police or prosecutors.”

In another document, a social media user thought to be Burgess tweeted on Nov. 24, 2012: “… up until 10 years ago Laurence Fishburne could get every oz. of my hot chocolate.”

Addressing that tweet, Bloom stated: “Ms. Burgess has used many terms to refer to herself, including on occasion ‘bitch’ and the N word. That does not give others – especially her superiors in her workplace – permission to use offensive language about her.”

Here is attorney Lisa Bloom celebrating with her client, Perquita Burgess who we now know, has a history of filing false reports against men:

In April, O’Reilly was fired from Fox News shortly after Perquita Burgess claimed the host made sexually suggestive comments to her, including calling her “hot chocolate.”

Burgess worked at Fox News for several weeks in 2008 as a clerical temp.

Shortly after an April 1st New York Times report detailed sexual harassment allegations by several women against O’Reilly, Burgess called a 21st Century Fox hotline claiming alleged workplace misconduct by O’Reilly. 21st Century is the parent company of Fox News.

At the time her charges emerged, O’Reilly’s program, “The O’Reilly Factor,” was already in the throes of an advertiser-boycott campaign being pushed by several liberal organizations.

“I had no idea who this woman was,” O’Reilly told Newsmax. O’Reilly denied ever having a conversation with her.

“So when it came out, it was stunning,” he said.

The day after O’Reilly was fired, Burgess went public with her account in a high-profile appearance on ABC’s “The View.” –Newsmax

Bill O’Reilly accuser Perquita Burgess told the dingbats at The View that she felt triumphant when the Fox News Channel host was fired following an investigation into claims of harassment by women. 

Perquita Burgess, a former clerical worker at Fox, went on “The View” Thursday to talk about encounters with O’Reilly nine years ago.

Watch Perquita tell The View dingbats how Bill O’Reilly allegedly calling her “Hot chocolate” is racist. “Not only was it sexual, I took that as very ‘plantational’ remark. You know, I’ve been around enough racism, whatever.”


Her background alone is enough to make any sane person question any accusation she throws at someone, especially someone in the public eye. It is disgusting that O’Reilly had to go through the whole public process of being fired from a job that he has been doing for a very long time without any other accusations or reprimands.

I am glad that her background lies have been exposed.

H/T [ 100% Fed Up ]