Parents Are Demanding Answers On How A New Law Passed Has Deemed Diaper Changing A “Sex Crime”

The saying, the road to hell is paved with good intentions is completely applicable in our current political climate. In the quest for everyone to get along and accept one another, we have descended into pure chaos. The world that once made sense with law and order is now upside down. Liberal judges have taken the constitution and have twisted it into something that is unrecognizable.

Politicians each day, pass new laws that without realizing the unintended consequences of their actions. And, a perfect example of this would be a new law in Arizona that criminalizes parents. In Arizona, parents can be prosecuted for “molesting” their own children by simply changing a dirty diaper.

Yeah, you read that absolutely correctly.

Also, what is equally frustrating is that in Arizona they do not consider sexual intent when charging someone with a sexual crime. Which if you think about it would seem to be a rather important part of the case, wouldn’t you think? However, leave it to these “delicate” geniuses to not factor that into it all.

But, here is the real kicker in this disturbing law. In Arizona, one judge has reversed due process to where a defendant is guilty to proven innocent. So, if you are arrested for sexual molestation stemming for simply changing your child’s diaper you will have to prove that you meant nothing sexual about it.

Here is more from Angry Patriot Movement:

If charged with child molestation, it is up to the defendant to prove that they had no sexual intentions, reversing the norm in due process where a prosecutor is required to prove guilt. This is NOT how our laws are supposed to work!

In a recent decision, U.S. District Judge Neil Wake reversed a 2007 court ruling where a teacher and swimming instructor were sentenced to 75 years in prison.

“In form,” Wake writes, “Arizona has written sexual intent out of its child molestation law — but in substance it is still at the center of the crime. All that has changed is who has to prove or disprove it.” Which, according to the judge, is a violation of the constitutional right of due process.

Due process requires the state to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt; however, this Arizona law reverses that standard and assumes ALL genital contact is sexual without proving sexual intent.

While the error is well-meaning, it is potentially severe. Poorly-written laws can allow the actually guilty to go free for violating constitutional protections.

This is why we have to be so careful when new laws are being signed. These politicians truly do not care how it affects the rest of us at all. As long as they get their paycheck it does not matter how many lives are ruined in the process.

This is exactly why I have always admired people such as Ron Paul and President Trump. Ron Paul hardly signed off on numerous laws since he read what they actually proposed. And, President Trump takes his time when signing new orders to ensure that he gets it right the first time.

Hopefully, more judges and politicians will take note and follow these admirable leaders.

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