[PICS] Nasty Liberals SWARM Ivanka’s Home And Start Taking It Off

At this point in American society, we have to just call this type of thing what it truly is. A sad excuse for a large amount of irrational people to create havoc and live a lawless existence. It’s the epitome of ignorance and debauchery.

There was never a time that our founding fathers thought that our First Amendment would be abused in this way. The right to freedom of speech was never meant to infringe on others right to speak or live. This last mockery of our constitutional rights definitely has to be one of the most ridiculous to date.

Via The Gateway Pundit:

Ivanka Trump apparently stopped her father, President Donald Trump, from signing a regressive anti-gay executive order in February.

But facts don’t matter to today’s liberal elites. On Saturday night hundreds of vile, far left activists held a noisy topless protest outside of Ivanka Trump’s home in Washington DC.

These disgusting hacks don’t even know what they are protesting. They called it a gay dance party. Via Ashley Rae Goldenberg from MRCTV and Mike Cernovich:


They also flashed their breasts. What “class”!

The people always screaming that they are being oppressed in some way by any member of the Trump family have literally lost nothing during this whole process except their class and dignity, which probably wasn’t hard for them to lose in the first place and it is solely self-imposed. not one of them will ever know the class that seems to naturally propel Ivanka.

These heinous ‘parties’  are being thrown off as ‘protests’ are getting more and more ridiculous daily. Let us know how you feel about this type of abuse of the meaning of the First Amendment by commenting and sharing.

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