PISSED OFF FARMER Welcomes Refugees With His Tractor After They Invade His Field

The “refugee crisis” is one of epic controversy around the world. These refugees have been flooding countries over the last few years, and there seems to be no end in sight. The idea of allowing mass amounts of people that follow a dangerous ideology is insane. Not only that these people also desire to change our laws and replace them with Sharia law.

Citizens in other countries have found themselves in situations where their land is being taken over and destroyed by these disrespectful refugees.

In March of 2016 a farmer in Greece, named Lazarous Oulis, had enough of the tent city that occupied his land. Oulis had originally allowed a few of these refugees to occupy a small portion of his land, but they took advantage of his kind act and more showed up to set up their tent homes.

Oulis had been promised by refugee programs that they would help him get the refugees off his land, but they never did. The government continued to ignore his pleas for aid, so finally, he took matters into his own hands.

Watch what happens here:

The police did show up at the scene and forced Oulis to stop in case he might injury any children in the field, but the farmer no longer has any sympathy for these migrants and needs to work on his land to provide for himself and his family.

“I need to plow my field. Not somebody else’s field, mine! I have a business with 70-80 calves. I want to produce, feed them, because, financially, I can’t take this anymore,” Oulis stated to authorities.

These supposedly “down-trodden” people that the left claims want to come here and build a better life are exactly the opposite of that. Maybe this will teach these squatters not to take advantage of acts of kindness, but we know that won’t happen.

H/T [ Angry Patriot Movement ]