President Trump Just Revealed A HUGE Secret About The Putin Meeting That Will Have Liberals Crying In Their Safe Spaces

President Trump recently met with Vladimir Putin for a scheduled 40-minute meeting that instead lasted for over an hour and a half. A large part of that meeting involved a lot of back and forth over the media accused “Russian meddling” of the 2016 elections.

Are we really still on that turntable? Even after numerous intelligence agencies have flat stated there seems to be NO EVIDENCE of any such meddling, as well as President Putin stating numerous times that he doesn’t have the time nor really the care to try and waste resources on such an act? Let it go people!

I seems that the liberal side of the country wants everyone to believe that Trump didn’t “push Putin hard enough” even though we now know that it has been reported by a senior White House official briefed on the interaction by Mr. Tillerson said that President Trump had pressed Mr. Putin on the issue for roughly the originally scheduled 40 minutes, which would explain why the meeting lasted for more than two hours.

Keep screaming libs because that piece of pertinent information came from your very own leftist agenda pushing new site, The New York Times. There really is nothing better than watching the left be discredited by their very own news sources. I guess The New York Times doesn’t want to end up like CNN.

Moving on now to things that actually matter, the 2 world leaders went on to discuss things like the war in Syria and the nuclear crisis in North Korea. Trump also reportedly pressured Putin to return the captured part of the Ukraine. It seems to me like Trump is actually doing the real part of the job that the last President skipped many times before in exchange for taxpayer paid vacations.

The light spirited presence of both men after the meeting in front of cameras may be an indication that by the end of that meeting things may have turned in favor of the United States. Both men seem as thought they had found a comfortable middle ground of sorts and even had a little bit of fun leaning in close and laughing at the expense of a few reporters that can be heard asking more idiotic questions about Russian collusion.

Watch the video of the press conference after the meeting. This link has a few different angles and such because the cameras used are quite loud. At minute marker 8:12 you can see the two leaders lean toward each other to gaff a bit at the media’s expense.

Sound like nothing but positives came from that meeting if truth be told. Time will tell but I have a sneaking suspicion that this is another case of epic winning for President Trump, hose of us with faith in him, and our country on a whole. For the record, I am still not tired of winning yet. Are you?

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So much WINNING!!!