Racist Kaepernick In Hot Water After What He Did With ESPN Host Behind Trump’s Back

Former NFL backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick is at it again with his incessant virtue signaling with his endorsement of racists like ESPN’s host Jemele Hill, who recently called President Trump a white supremacist. Ms. Hill’s comments were stupid and without merit. ESPN’s leadership admonished her for the comments,ha h but their released statement was a lame attempt at making it seem like they disagreed. ESPN is just as bad as CNN or any other liberal network more interested in promoting a hateful agenda than actually reporting what they are supposed to.

Colin Kaepernick then sends out a tweet in support of Jemele Hill, saying, “We are with you @jemelehill.” The man can’t get a contract to play in the NFL, but he has still not learned a lesson.  Even his girlfriend cost him a job with the Baltimore Ravens who were considering signing Colin Kaepernic  until his girlfriend sent out a racist tweet about the Baltimore Ravens’ owner Steve Bisciotti and legendary linebacker Ray Lewis, who admitted indirectly that the racist tweet cost Colin Kaepernick a contract with the Baltimore Ravens.

The NFL is getting hammered on both ends regarding Colin Kaepernick. On one hand you have all the entitled leftists screaming that they are boycotting the NFL until Colin Kaepernick gets a contract. Conversely, there are many people who have simply given up on watching the NFL games or even going to games because of what Colin Kaepernick started.

A perfect contrast is how Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, handled this whole kneeling for the National Anthem thing. He simply told his players that if they kneel for the anthem, they are off the team. People like Colin Kaepernick and other kneelers seem to forget that they are on company time, they are being paid to do a job, and they are not being paid to espouse their political beliefs. People watch ESPN and the NFL for sports entertainment. The last thing fans want to hear or see is someone’s wacky left-wing views while they disrespect the National Anthem.

Colin Kaepernick is not being signed because his risk factor is too high. He is a below average backup quarterback who has a reputation for causing drama and dividing a locker-room. This is not something that wins games and makes money. Owners and coaches have to be able to look at a player and ask if the risk it worth it. With Colin Kaepernick, every NFL team has said no.

Searching on the internet, it’s not hard to find all the crybaby material from the left claiming that Colin Kaepernick should be offered a contract. Leftists always think the world owes them, and Colin Kaepernick is no different.

To make a player comparison, look at what went down recently with Indianapolis Colts back up quarterback Scott Tolzien, who is probably one of the least talented quarterbacks in the NFL. The difference with this guy is that he does not allow his politics to overthrow his benefit to an organization. Mr. Tolzien does not cause drama, nor does he cost the Colts millions of dollars because of lost fans.

Colin Kaepernick does not have a contract because he is a lower than average quarterback, and he being placing on a team simply isn’t worth the risk. There are several players and coaches on Dallas Cowboys time who don’t like President Trump and probably wanted to kneel, but they recognize they are on company time, not their leisure time.

Colin Kaepernick is a washed-up backup quarterback who is more interested in virtue signaling than playing football. Owners and general managers of teams recognize this, and it’s not something they want to deal with. Their job is to put a winning team together, and the last thing need are distractions from a hasbeen and never was.

The NFL should be ashamed of themselves because they are allowing this kneeling business to continue. Instead of making a blanket policy to stand for the national anthem, they virtue signal and leave it up to each team to make their own policy. People watch football to get away from politics not to delve into it. The NFL fan base, which is mostly conservative, has had enough and will spend their money elsewhere.



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