Racist Rant Gets College Professor FIRED From Teaching Job- NOW Look what she’s SAYING!

Give Us A Break!

Lisa Durden, an avid Black Lives Matter supporter was fired from the Essex County College in Newark recently after appearing on Tucker Carlson and launching into an ignorant racist rant in what appears to be a completely psychotic meltdown. Durden was recorded via live television saying,

“Boo, hoo, hoo. You, white people, are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card.”

Durden then goes on to make absolutely no sense while spouting off lies that she calls facts. However, she proves that she is just a racist as the ones she rails against. The racist rhetoric that Black Lives Matter has created to try and win arguments that have no basis in reality, and that was just proven.

According to The Wrap:

Lisa Durden is not sorry for comments made on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that ultimately got her fired from her job as an adjunct professor at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey. She was speaking to Carlson about a Black Lives Matter Memorial Day event open only to black people.

“Boo, hoo, hoo,” she said. “You white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card.” Carlson fired back that she was “demented.”

Two days later, Durden was suspended, and then fired on Friday. However, the professor says that there was no mention of why she was being suspended in the letter from the college. In an appearance on News One with Roland Martin, she confirmed that she was unapologetic for her remarks. When asked if she was going to apologize, she said “No, I am not going to. I wasn’t there to play games, I was there to take a bite out of crime,” she said. “When a black woman is on television who is direct, who is aggressive, we’re ‘angry.’ Well, when Jeanine Perro on TV pointing and screaming and yelling, she’s ‘intelligent.’ Why can’t I come on there and be aggressive and talk in the same vein as any expert in the fields of pop culture, politics and social issues,” she continued. “So now when I do it, I’m not intelligent. When they do it, they’re amazing, they’re intelligence, they’re fantastic!”

Essex County College president Anthony E. Monroe said in a statement that “racism cannot be fought with more racism.” He also said that while the college supports free speech, it “must always work in the service of our student body.” Durden has said that she has received support from her students and other faculty members. After her Fox appearance, she had expected as much from the school as well. “I thought when I came home from war, I would be safe,” she told NJ.com.

Her response to being fired is all fine and dandy and she can pull the race card and even the veteran card but watch the lunatic rant on Tucker and it becomes very clear that she is insane and unfit to teach anyone!

Watch the video here.

WOW! I think it is safe to say that racist isn’t synonymous with “white,” but it has become very obvious that Black Lives Matter and most of their supporters are in fact the real racists in this country.

H/T [ The Wrap ]