Rapist Thug Rips Off Baby Girl’s Diaper At Park: All HELL BREAKS LOOSE When Pissed Off Mamma Steps In

It started out like a typical day for a young mother in Kansas City, Missouri, who decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take her young children to play at a local park. But it wouldn’t take long for the lovely afternoon to be transformed into her worst nightmare, after noticing a black nasty thug “eyeballing” her young children.

Christa Moore says her 2-year-old daughter was on a swing, when a man walked up behind her daughter, snatched her off the swing, and proceeded to grab her toddler by the hips, pulling her diaper down. But the horrifying scene didn’t stop there. As Moore ran towards the man to try and save her little girl, the deranged thug then removed his pants and began thrusting against the toddler.

Christa Moore

At that point, Moore’s maternal instincts kicked in, and without hesitation, she began doing whatever it took to save her daughter. Running full speed, she was able to knock the thug to the ground, where she then climbed on top of the would-be rapist and began beating the crap out of him. “I wanted to hurt him,” the girl’s mother, Christa Moore, told KCTV. “I wanted to put him in pain.”

Moore’s friend Devan Barnes was thankfully present, and was able to chase the man into the fenced-in parking lot, keeping him apprehended until police arrived. “If cops didn’t show up, I was going in,” Barnes told KCTV.

Devan Barnes

Moore told authorities that she recognized the man from being at the park on other occasions, but that he had never bothered her family until that day. “I don’t get how any man or any adult could want to hurt a child like that,” Moore went on to say. 

Twenty-four-year-old William L. Bates Jr.,  was arrested and found to be in possession of marijuana and an unidentified white vial of fluid with a chemical odor. He was charged with first-degree attempted sodomy and attempted statutory sodomy with a person less than 12 years old. His bond has been set to $150,000. Below is the full news report:

The evil that exists in the world is truly incomprehensible. Thank God that the mother was able to save her daughter from being a victim that day. Hopefully this piece of degenerate filth will never see the light of day again, or perhaps get a little prison justice when he drops the soap in prison.

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