Republican Who Is Going After Elizabeth Warren’s Senate Seat Just Threw Down An EPIC Challenge

Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren has been taken to task often as per her claims of her Native American ancestry and each time she wanders around the questions like a dimwitted psych patient with no direction. Her new book states the claims as if they are facts as well.

Well, her 2018 campaign opponent is taking her to the truth box in the most epic way possible. Calling out a challenge of awesome proportions to have Warren take a DNA test to pit against his own! V.A. Shiva is originally from India has hit Twitter with his challenge and it is currently going viral.

Here is more from Breitbart:

“As a kid, I had learned about my Native American background the same way every kid learns about who they are: from family,” Senator Warren writes in an excerpt published Wednesday in the Boston Globe. Senator Warren then repeats a line she used often in her 2012 Senate campaign, memorialized in a September 2012 television commercial, writing “I never questioned my family’s stories or asked my parents for proof or documentation. What kid would?” “Knowing who you are is one thing, and proving who you are is another,” Warren writes.

In 2012 Breitbart News exhaustively documented the facts surrounding Senator Warren’s claims of Native American ancestry and demonstrated that no credible evidence exists to support those claims. But the lack of genealogical evidence has never stopped Senator Warren from boldly asserting as fact something which is flatly not true.

Oh, but that is not all. Now, Warren is being called out on her lies and I wonder if she will be truthful.

According to IJR:

The 2018 Senate Races are still more than a year out, but candidates are already in pre-campaign mode. One such candidate, V.A. Shiva, is an Indian Republican in Massachusetts. Shiva is running against Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and he is already making headlines. Shiva, who emigrated from India at seven, is calling out Warren for lying about her ancestry. While President Trump may call Warren “Pocahontas,” Shiva decided to take things to the next level. What did he do? Shiva fired off a tweet aimed at Warren, where he challenges her to take a DNA test:

In the video, Shiva says: “Wow, this is great I just got my 23 and Me DNA testing kit in the mail. All I got to do is send some of my saliva and I will know in a few short days whether I am a real Indian or not. I want to challenge Elizabeth Warren to do the same. I’m calling this the Real Indian vs. Fake Indian Challenge. Elizabeth why don’t you do this? It’s really, really simple.” Some are accusing Shiva of making the political campaign about race, so he fired back:

That’s some good stuff right there, lol. Let’s see if Warren will take the bait and finally put to rest her dreams of being the next Indian Princess of America! I personally can’t wait to see her have to admit that she is nothing put a liar. We should rename her Princess-Lies-A-Lot!

It’s finally time to take all of these lying politicians to task no matter how small and innocent their lies may seem. Once a liar, always a liar!

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H/T [ Independent Journal Review ]