Right After Flynn’s Resignation, WikiLeaks Issues Huge Statement That Dems Will HATE

The war between the liberal lie machine and Julian Assange is back on and is raging hotter than ever. On Tuesday, WikiLeaks commented about a “destabilization campaign” perpetrated by U.S. spies, the democrats, and the media.

This is the cause of National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Flynn’s resignation, and just the beginning of more attacks.

Flynn did admit in the letter that he inadvertently gave incomplete information regarding phone calls with the Russian Ambassador. In my opinion, that seems to be just a small slip up, but with all of the inner turmoil left over from the Obama Administration, it is understandable why Flynn resigned.

Michael McFaul, U.S. ambassador to Russia under President Barack Obama, had this to say.

“This is a set-back for Putin, because in the constellation of senior people making foreign policy around the president, General Flynn was considered somebody sympathetic to the Kremlin, somebody sympathetic to Russia.”

“They’ve now lost one of their allies, and the other folks – especially [Defense Secretary James] Mattis – their stars are rising now,” he added.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, in a statement on Tuesday, called for a full and independent investigation into the Trump administration’s Russian connections, which is ironic seeing her connections to Hillary.

Pelosi said, “The American people deserve to know the full extent of Russia’s financial, personal and political grip on President Trump and what that means for our national security.”

The top contenders to replace Flynn as national security adviser include former CIA director retired Gen. David Petraeus, retired Adm. Robert Harward and now acting NSC adviser retired Lt. Gen. Joseph Keith Kellogg, Jr.

Seriously though, at what point do the democrats stop trying so hard to tear America apart with insignificant issues and start working to better it for all?

What do you think?

H/T [ Western Journalism ]