Rumors Fly Following Trump’s Inauguration After Someone Notices Something Odd About His Bodyguard

With the endless amount of malcontents in the world that would love to see our new president dead, you can be sure that wherever Donald Trump goes, his team of Secret Service agents are present, flanking him on all sides, ready to literally take a bullet should things go south. These trained killers are the most elite federal law enforcement agents in the world, many of them coming from elite prior military backgrounds. But immediately following the Inauguration ceremony where President Trump strolled along side his armored limo to wave to the excited crowd, something immediately stuck out about one of his Secret Service agents, and rumors began flying as to the possible explanation.

As President Trump walked the streets of Washington D.C., several observant viewers pointed out something strange about one of the men on Trump’s security detail. It looked as though the man’s right arm was completely fake, and possibly concealing some sort of weapon system under his suit.

Look closely at the right arm of the Secret Service agent as he walks with the Trump family during the inauguration parade:

What’s also odd is throughout the walk, the agent holds onto the pinky of the hand, almost as if at any moment the fake finger could be popped off in some sort of crazy James Bond type move that could reveal some type of badass weaponry.

Here’s another angle as he never changes positions:

And same thing here:

An ex-Secret Service agent told IJ Review that the theory of a secret stashed weapon wasn’t far fetched, as revealed that his team had carried an Uzi inside of a briefcase that could’ve been fired without opening in it.

While it’s still unconfirmed what was going on with this agent’s hand, Trump’s Secret Service team did an excellent job protecting Trump and his family as they walked down the street, literally a block away from where people were violently rioting and wanting to kill him.

It’s good to know that our president is in good hands with the best security available on planet earth.

H/T [IJ Review]