Saints Players Who Sat For Anthem Get Devastating News Following The Game

The New Orleans Saints had 10 players sit out during the national anthem. At least one player did hold his hand over his heart, however, even his small gesture was still not enough for people like me and many others who were truly heartbroken to see our team fall for the social injustice rhetoric.  This is  all because may of the players were offended by comments Trump made about taking a knee before the games.

The Saints have always been held to a certain standard above most probably because of the values and hospitality that is synonymous with the South and their actions didn’t just offend us, or hurt our feelings, they managed to throw dirt on the very value system we hold dear in Louisiana. Unfortunately for the team however some State Reps also took a giant issue with their actions since much of their teams money is made off of tax-payer money.

As reported by Fox many business owners in Louisiana also took issue with it and proceeded to cove their flat screen TV’s and refuse to show any more Saints games in their establishments.

The people of Louisiana take their football extremely seriously and this move was a bad one for the team.

One Air Force Veteran that spent 20 years serving his country stated that after all these years he got up the moment he saw those ten players sitting and threw away his beloved team hat that he had owned and wore for over 15 years. Just like that he was done.

According to Young Conservatives :

Louisiana Republican state representative Kenny Havard is pushing a bill most Americans should be able to get behind.

He wants his state to stop subsidizing the New Orleans Saints football team after watching 10 players sit during the National Anthem on Sunday.

Anybody have a problem with that?

I’d hope not. After all, we’re talking about taxpayer cash.

From Daily Caller:

WE STAND: National Rifle Association Weighs in On NFL Protests

“This is a state-funded sporting event–or subsidized sporting event, not fully by the state, but it is, so we have all the right to defund that,” Republican state representative Kenny Havard stated. “I totally agree with their right to protest and I think it just needs to be done somewhere else. They can do it in the streets, they can do it on Sunday mornings… They can do it wherever they want, but not during our national anthem. I think it’s disgraceful.”

According to a 2015 piece in Forbes, Saints owner Tom Benson could potentially make around $400 million via state taxpayer dollars through 2025.

State Republican Rep. Valarie Hodges, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, also asked for the Saints’ state benefits to be looked over by the Legislature’s Senate and House budget committees because of the players’ protest, The Times-Picayune reported.

Team owner Tom Benson stands to earn nearly $200 million from Louisiana taxpayers due to increased revenue from the Superdome, plus over $140 million in rental payments from property he owns.

That’s not all.

Another $10 million from the state will go to Benson as a bonus for bringing the Super Bowl to the Pelican State.

Also, Benson will get $2.6 million in tax breaks while earning $40 million from private rent payments on another property.

Havard’s bill, if passed, will finally get the NFL to open their eyes when it comes to players disrespecting the flag.

Football may seem like “just a game” to some but to others it is an American past time. A time to get family and friends together and have a BBQ with distressing after a long week. It has become a staple to the weekly reunion type gathering that many Americans thrive on for continued connection with their loved ones.

If these players are so against these social injustices then why are they not in the streets actually doing something to correct the real issues? Why are they not opening communication between police and the minorities screaming police brutality? Or helping under privileged children so they don’t get wrapped up in the lifestyle that leads to mass arrests and unfortunately death in most cases?

Because it’s all about a show, that’s why. Which is exactly why our state reps will be doing all they can to defund the Saints of tax-payer monies and their Super Dome privileges.

H/T [ Young Conservatives ]