SEE IT: Navy Seal’s Viral Video Is Liberals’ WORST NIGHTMARE: DNC Fighting Like Hell To Keep This From Getting Out

Politicians of the left and their Commi Army, Antifa, are daily destroying our country. Their damage is done on the ground, in our cities, and in the minds of easily manipulated people who want nothing more than for all things to appear fair for all. The sad reality is those blinded by that feeling will be the first ones to be entrapped and imprisoned by the agendas and ideologies of the left if they have their way.

The NRA and many of their commentators often come out to try and spread a little bit of knowledge and truth for those who are being mind-trapped, and this latest video by Dom Raso Jr. is one to share as much as possible for sure. Groups like Antifa need to be shown just what is coming if they don’t clear the cobwebs from their brains and get a bit of clarification soon, or the outcome for them will not end in their favor.

The politicians who are promoting the asinine actions of hate groups like Antifa, BLM, Bamn, and even the New Women’s march group are the very ones who need to be stopped before they cause civil war. Voting is an important weapon in the fight to stop this. Hit the polls for the up-coming elections.

According to US Herald :

Recently a video has been circulating on social media that demolishes the left and the damage and danger that they are propagating in America today and liberals are not happy.

Navy SEAL and NRA commentator Dom Raso, Jr. Tweeted a portion of the video posted by NRA TV that completely exposes the ‘organized anarchy’ pedaled by liberals as well as outed the “liberal resistance” with some of their footage.

Raso Jr. calls out the liberal thugs like the Antifa movement for their crimes against the public and against our police.

He then goes on to ‘educate’ the Antifa thugs about what real fascism is. If everyone in America were to see this brilliant video you can bet we wouldn’t be dealing with nearly the same level of crazy that the “liberal resistance” is creating every day in the streets.

Take a look at the video posted to Twitter below:

That’s just a portion of the video the full 5-minute video and all its glory.


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Americans are sick of the chaos in our streets, and most of us are waiting for that one moment that will set it all off in a way that no one has seen on our own soil in hundreds of years. But it is coming unless the left quits acting like kindergarten anarchists. We The People have had enough. Veterans as well as many civilians will only put up with so much. I am not talking about meeting to disrupt each others’ rallies either. There will be a fight and the left may think they are ready, but it is a fact that they are far from ready to meet us toe to toe for a real test of wills.

Hang it up and get back to your dorm rooms and classes because the big dogs are starting to get restless and no one will stop them if they end up coming out of retirement. They will come out hard, and they will come out in force, so I suggest the leftists get their crap together and quickly.

Do not forget that we voted in a President who was for the country, and that alone was a revolution. We can and will do the same for all seats open to the next elections. The hate groups and democrats won’t be able to do much with the system on our side. Keep pushing truth, support your local NRA, and get to those polls! It is time to take our country back from these elitist morons and entitled children!

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God Bless The United States of America, President Trump, and all fighting the good fight for our freedoms to remain free as they should be!

H/T [ US Herald ]