Shadow Government Attempts To DESTROY Trump’s Israel Visit With This SICK Video

In a sad and pathetic attempt to undermine the importance of President Trump’s visit to Israel someone from within The White House created and released a fake propaganda video. This video was promoted under the guise of it being a promotion for Trump’s first international trip.

The video contained images of Israel pre-1967 borders. Which leaves people to assume that Trump agreed with the Obama administration’s stand on Israel land ownership.Thankfully, someone saw this video on the White House website and quickly took it down. Though there was no harm done at this moment it goes to show you that the Deep State is not giving up.

Here is more from Angry Patriot Movement:

Holdovers from the Obama administration are hoping to destroy the alliance between America and Israel. The White House staff released a video last Thursday before President Trump launched his first international tour. The video showed Israel with pre-1967 borders, leaving out the territory gained in the Six-Day War.  (via Jewish Press) The video was thankfully taken down, but who on the White House staff would try to sabotage Trump’s visit?

Israel officials have stated that they assume the borders featured in the video was an error and not the policy of the Trump administration.  If Israel assumed that the borders depicted in the video were desired by the Trump administration, it could mark the end to our alliance. Israel seized the West Bank, Golan Heights, and East Jerusalem during the Six-Day War in June 1967. Israel has held the territories since the conflict and are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the conflict right now.

However, United Nations resolution 242 calls for Israel to withdraw all forces from the region and return the land to Syria and Jordan. No sitting president has recognized the land captured by the Israelis. By depicting the pre-1967 borders, the producer of the short YouTube video was signaling that the White House agreed with the controversial Israeli borders recognized by the United Nation.

However, this is the second incident before Trump’s visit to Israel where government insider offended our Jewish allies. During the planning phases of President Trump’s visit, Israeli officials asked if Prime Minister Netanyahu could accompany President Trump on his visit to the Western Wall. An American official rejected the request saying, “What business is it of yours? It’s not in your territory — it’s part of the West Bank.”

(via Jewish Press) It was later revealed that the official who uttered the offensive remarks was a holdover from the Obama administration serving at the American Consulate to Jerusalem. Israel has been gracious in forgiving these missteps, but their patience is wearing thin.  A national security insider blamed the previous administration for the missteps, saying, “The problem is that the Obama administration left holdovers all over the government, so you get rid of one Obama loyalist and the replacement is another Obama loyalist.”

It seems the Deep State isn’t going to let up anytime soon. Let’s hope the culprit is found and dealt with properly!


H/T [ Angry Patriot Movement ]