SHOCKING VIDEO: Mainstream Media Censors Muslim Woman’s Terrifying Warning Of “RETALIATION”

The mainstream media for a long time has used their networks to push their false narratives to the American people. These less than honest journalists are not reporting the facts to the people, but actually covering them up. For instance, that is what is happening over in England after the Manchester bombing. British news channels are scrambling hard to twist and shape the narrative to fit their liberal rhetoric.

Many people on the left blame Islamaphobia as the reason for ISLAMIC terror attacks. However, they fail to see that the attacks are actually from the radicalized religion. Even if the world accepted the “religion” as a peaceful one there actions would say otherwise. Thar was shown in this recent video that the mainstream media is trying to hide. Thankfully, someone found it and uploaded to YouTube despite the British news channel attempt to remove it.

Watch the video here.

Via Infowars:

Channel 4 visited a Muslim community in South Manchester to get their take on the Islamic terror attack that killed 23 people and injured 120 others. Viewers were immediately drawn to a woman wearing a full black veil with only her eyes visible. The woman’s clothing had the word “love” emblazoned on it, but on closer inspection, the letters are made up of a machine gun and a hand grenade. Asked by host Krishnan Guru-Murthy about her “reactions and feelings” in the aftermath of the horrific attack, the woman said she didn’t “need to prove anything”.

Asked if she thought there would be a backlash against Muslims, the woman responded that the backlash had “already started” and that “Islamophobia will probably rise now”.

Guru-Murthy then quizzed the woman on whether such “Islamophobia” will cause young Muslim men to feel more “isolated”. “What do you think? I mean, obviously hate with hate, people will retaliate obviously,” she responded. Other Muslims interviewed for the segment denied that they needed to do any more to rout out radicalization within their community, with one man claiming Muslims, “are the ones who are collateral damage of this kind of attack.”

Channel 4 removed the entire segment from their website without explanation, prompting accusations that the broadcaster was attempting to cover-up the true attitudes of Muslims towards the Manchester attack. “Channel 4 (UK) broadcast this interview with local area Muslims and subsequently took it down because it didn’t fit their narrative,” commented the individual who re-uploaded the video to YouTube. “The killer’s community laugh in our face,” commented British journalist Katie Hopkins, accusing Channel 4 of providing a platform to Islamists.

Hopkins, who is under police investigation for the alleged “hate crime” of asking Brits to “demand action” to stop terrorism, labeled the comments a “terrifying reaction to the slaughter of our children.” “No remorse, no condemnation, no sense the attack was wrong,” she tweeted.

Numerous indications that the suicide bomber, Salman Ramadan Abedi, was a radical jihadist, were known before the attack, including the fact that he flew an ISIS flag from his house, but none of the terrorist’s neighbors thought this behavior suspicious enough to report to authorities.

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H/T [ InfoWars ]