SICK Detail Emerges About What Muslim Cop Was Doing In 2015 That Will PISS YOU OFF

Two weeks ago Political Mayhem reported on the shooting death of Justine Ruszczyk (Damond), a 40-year-old corporate professional, from Australia, who was soon to be married. Officer Mohamed Noor, a Somali Muslim immigrant with the Minneapolis Police Department is the officer who fired the fatal shot for which the motive is still unclear. Before additional details of the shooting were revealed, and Chief Janeé Harteau resigned, as stated in the following article,

“Officer Noor’s training records have not been made public but it wouldn’t be a shock if he was not trained properly, and/or was socially promoted so the Mayor of Minneapolis could point and say, ‘see we are not racist. We have a Somali Muslim on the police force’. Social promotion has and always will be a cornerstone of the left’s mantra. This policy of inclusion despite the results one yields is seen in grade schools, universities, and the workplace”.

 It has now been revealed that Officer Mohamed Noor was fast- tracked through his training. Officer Noor participated in something the Minneapolis Police Department calls the “accelerated police cadet program.” Officially this seven-month program is for those individuals who already have a college degree and the program has the same stringent firearms and tactical training as the regular Minneapolis Police Cadet Program. Based on the fact that Officer Noor had three complaints filed against him, (one of which resulted in a lawsuit), and the apparent unjustified shooting of Justine Ruszczyk, it would be safe to presume his training was not held to the same standard as other cadets. Mayor Betsy Hodges made such a big deal about Officer Noor and the fact that he is a Somali immigrant, that she couldn’t afford for him to fail his training.

After speaking with the Minneapolis Police Department via Facebook messenger, they have stated it is up to the Minneapolis City Attorney whether the official training records of Officer Noor will be released to the public. To date, few additional details of the shooting have been released but with as tight lipped as investigators are being with this case, the public in Minneapolis is growing increasingly impatient, even calling for the resignation of Mayor Betsy Hodges.

Adding insult to injury, Officer Noor’s attorney has asked if the autopsy results revealed if Justine Ruszczyk was on the sleep aid Ambien at the time of the shooting. They seem to be taking the approach of the “let’s blame the victim” card.

According to the Minneapolis Police Department’s web site, under Hiring FAQ, the hiring process for a police cadet is 6 to 12 months. Knowing that this “accelerated police cadet program” is seven months long, it is a very legitimate question to ask if corners were cut in the training of Officer Mohamed Noor. The timeline established here would indicate that approximately five months of training was reduced for Cadet Noor. If this is true, it means that Mayor Betsy Hodges and Noor’s training officers may also be accountable for the death of Justine Ruszczyk. Additionally, under the hiring requirements for those wishing to serve as a Minneapolis Police Officer, one must also pass a psychological evaluation. Based on Officer Noor’s short track-record with the Minneapolis Police Department, his mental capacity to serve as a police officer must be called into question. Citizens have a right to know the results of his psychological evaluation or if he even had one.

Former Police Chief Janeé Harteau is standing behind Officer Noor and his training, despite the fact Officer Noor’s sound mental judgement has been questioned in the form of various complaints filed against him. Two weeks ago, it was revealed that the day before the shooting, the Minneapolis Police Department and Officer Noor had a lawsuit filed against them. The lawsuit was filed by a woman who claims that she was physically assaulted by Officer Noor and two of his fellow officers. The Minneapolis Police Department said they are not able to confirm if Officer Noor was notified of the lawsuit when it was filed or, if he was officially served. If in fact Officer Noor was notified of this lawsuit in some fashion prior to him going on duty, this could be a possible motive for the shooting of Ms. Damond, as well shed some light on what frame of mind Officer Noor was in at the time of the shooting.

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