SICK: Muslim Terrorist Linda Sarsour Caught Scamming Hurricane Donations, But Now It’s Gotten MUCH WORSE

Linda Sarsour found herself in some major trouble earlier this week when she caught red- handed asking people to send Hurricane Harvey relief donations to a seriously shady political organization.

When she was caught for trying to scam people she did what leftists always do. She called those that called her out as racist. What a novel idea. This is the way the left operates once they have no leg to stand on. They immediately begin to hurl insults at people. Oh well, she just knows how much trouble she is in for being caught. Serves her right.

It all started early this week when she was seen tweeting about Harvey relief efforts. After some investigating, internet users found that the donations ultimately made their way over to a left-wing political organization. Once the revelation was made, Twitter users were quick to attack Linda Sarsour.

According to Young Cons:

Terrorist apologist and Muslim activist Linda Sarsour was seen Tweeting out a place where she claimed people could donate to help relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey, but Internet sleuths quickly discovered that the address Sarsour gave was to a left-wing political PAC that has nothing at all to do with Harvey relief.

On Sunday, Sarsour tweeted out an address for people to donate to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, calling it a “Harvey Hurricane Relief Fund.”

But Internet sleuths quickly discovered that the link she posted ended up at a left-wing political organization called Texas Organizing Project Education Fund (TOPEF), a group that has absolutely nothing at all to do with Harvey response or relief.

Indeed, even as Sarsour claims that donations to the TOPEF would help Harvey victims, despite banners saying the donations are for “Harvey Community Relief,” the site itself never promises that any of the money will actually directly help Harvey victim.

The site says only that the money will be used to “ensure that we have the resources we need to organize and fight for Texans devastated by Hurricane Harvey.”

The site also says, “Together we will organize and advocate for our devastated communities, shining a spotlight on inequalities that emerge in the restoration of lives, livelihoods, and homes, amplifying the needs of hard-hit communities, and providing legal assistance for residents wrongfully denied government support.”

In other words, all donations will go to TOPEF’s political efforts and won’t be spent on any actual relief.

It will, instead, be spent on the purported “relief” that liberal political policies might bring in theory.

Twitter users weren’t amused that Sarsour was diverting possible Harvey relief donations to extremist, left-wing political activities disguised as Harvey relief.

According to Daily Wire:

After she was caught exploiting Hurricane Harvey to fund a leftist political group this week and was blistered by those who recognized the scam, leftist icon Linda Sarsour doubled down on Thursday accusing those who criticized her of being “white supremacists obsessed with smearing women of color.”

Even before that, Sarsour accused her critics of being members of the alt-right:

So the fact that Sarsour wanted to funnel donations to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, whose parent group is the Texas Organizing Project, an outgrowth of the leftist corrupt group ACORN, shouldn’t have been an issue because Sarsour didn’t create the leftist group, only advertising it as disaster relief? And anyone criticizing her had to be a white supremacist?

Leave it to a Muslim Liberal to play the blame game. Should we expect anything less from Linda Sarsour? After this classy move, it would appear that she won’t be as popular as she once was. To use a tragedy like Hurricane Harvey to further her own agenda just proves what type of person she really is.

Thankfully, the internet sleuths were able to catch on and expose her for what she is. Linda Sarsour has had her time in the spotlight, but now that her true motives have been revealed it’s only a matter of time before her followers start to drop off. They can’t be seen supporting someone who lies like that. How dare she take advantage of people’s tragic situation they are facing. Once again liberals are exposed for what they truly are Hypocrites! What do you think?

H/T Young Cons, Daily Wire



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