SICK: Three States Move To Form An Alliance AGAINST President Trump

There is literally nothing better than watching the left fall to pieces whenever Trump undoes some insane action by Obama and the most recent move of backing out of the climate accord is definitely one for the books. So many people seem to be completely ignorant of the actual facts of the accord that they are quick to jump on Trump’s butt for the back-out.

Ignorance of policy is a very bad reason for the left to come out and cry, but they do it so well. Now, there are a few states that are attempting to convene in a twisted alliance against Trump’s decision will make any kind of difference. Can you guess which states are doing this? Well, I won’t let you wait any longer, they California, New York, and Washington state.

The real questions these states should be asking are, “How will we pay to maintain our part in the accord when we have been adamant that we act as sanctuary states, therefore, our federal funding will be cut?”

Then again that would mean they would have to be functioning with some sense of logic and intelligence and we all know that won’t happen.

Here is the original tweet.

Here are few facts to share about this pointless agreement.

Since it seems people are confused with the Paris Climate Accords here’s the details as far as it pertains to the United States:

•The US, via Obama, pledged to contribute 3 billion per year.

•Paper manufacturing, cement. manufacturing, and natural gas cut by up to 15%-30%. Steel, iron ore and clean coal cut from 60%-80%. As a result, millions of jobs would be lost

•China is NOT required under this agreement to cut emissions until the year 2030

•INDIA to receive BILLIONS of dollars over the next few years to be in this deal. We have some of the cleanest air and water in the world, some of the highest standards, and we have to dish out billions to OTHER countries while at the same time losing millions of our own jobs and skyrocketing prices.

Are you KIDDING ME!? By the way if this deal were followed by every country exactly as written, the temperature would drop 2/10ths of ONE DEGREE CELSIUS BY THE YEAR 2100. ARE YOU KIDDING!? This deal is a massive investment that does next to nothing for the environment and only dishes out United States tax money to other countries. By the way this would cost every person in America about $100 a year out of pocket. This doesn’t include the thousands more we’d all be paying in higher energy prices and food prices. Think about that people 1 trillion per year from the US while most of the other countries give ZERO or are getting billions from us. BAD DEAL AND I’M THANKFUL TRUMP GOT US OUT OF IT.

View The Paris Agreement HERE

Visit the Paris Accord website HERE

Please, educate yourselves before speaking about important issues that will do nothing but slam us farther into debt than we already are. The liberal left has proven time and time again to be made up of “educated” idiots and it has become a plague. Their college degrees are clearly not helping them and they should not bank on it for their futures.

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