Sickening New Details Emerge About Somali Muslim Cop Who Murdered White Woman In Cold Blood

Justine Damond was a beautiful and vibrant 40-year old woman from Australia. She was here in the United States to marry the love of her life, but only one month before her dream wedding she was gunned down in an alley behind her new home– by a cop.

Ms. Damon had called 911 to report what she thought to be the sounds of a possible sexual assault happening right outside near her home. Two officers arrived, and Damon met them in the alley and began to describe to the officer what she had heard. As she stood right outside of the police car in her pajamas trying to be a good Samaritan, the officer in the passenger seat, who has recently been identified as Mohamed Noor, leaned across his partner and shot Damon in the stomach from his seated position in the passenger seat.

There is absolutely no indication of an act of violence by Damon that would have constituted such an action, and the officer in the driver’s seat stated that he was “stunned” when his partner shot the unarmed woman. Both body cams were coincidentally off when this horrendous act occurred.

The cop who shot Damon is a Somali immigrant who came here as a child. He is a Muslim man who makes no bones about his religion, which unfortunately, in our day and age leads many to question if his religion had anything to do with his actions against an innocent woman.  The questions seem justifiable under the circumstances.

Justine Damon was outside at night and alone in what most Muslims would have considered inappropriate dress while addressing two men in an alleyway, regardless of the fact that they were officers of the law. Speculation has many questioning if it is possible that the call and the rape also somehow involved the officer as well, but there is no proof of that as of yet. There seems to be a whole lot of nothing in this case which makes the rampant questions and speculation that much more concerning.

According to Young Conservatives :

Over the weekend, an unarmed 40-year-old woman was shot and killed by a police officer in Minnesota. The details are murky but it looks pretty clear at this point that the officer was in the wrong. But, you might not have heard about it from the mainstream media and that’s likely because the victim was white and it doesn’t fit the narrative. Now, we also know the identity of the police officer.

From BizPac Review: The police officer who shot unarmed, white Australian woman Justine Damond has been identified. Police sources have named the shooter as Officer Mohamed Noor, according to Kare 11. Noor shot across his partner, striking and killing Damond, as she spoke to the officer driving the police car, according to sources. Noor’s partner was described as “stunned” by the shooting.

He is the first Somali officer to work in the 5th Precinct, according to a Minneapolis newsletter. No marches in the street? No hysterical media coverage? A little odd isn’t it? Obviously, the vast majority of police officers are good people doing the best they can but if there was no reason for this officer to shoot then he deserves to be punished harshly. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the media act equally outraged even if the details don’t fit their ideological white cop hating agenda?

Mainstream media will not address the questions and probably won’t even address the case at all, because it is a “sensitive” matter with people of a “sensitive” ideology involved. The political correct barriers will have to be crossed to discuss this case and we all know there are too many out there willing to let it go untouched due to their fear and spinelessness when it comes to political correctness.

Every person in this country should demand swift and truthful answers in this case. There is a growing number of actions being taken against Americans by the Islamic ideological followers, and this may very well fit right into part of their Judicial Jihad plans. This case may be exactly as it sounds.  Here is a Muslim man serving what he would consider justice to a woman acting the opposite of what Islam says is acceptable. Time will tell.

H/T [ Young Conservatives , CBS Minnesota ]