Somali Migrants LIVID After Signs Pop Up All Over Minnesota Mocking Muslim Cop Who Shot White Woman

Forty-year-old Justine Damond was killed by Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor after she called 911 to report a possible rape. When officers arrived, Justine was shot and killed by Noor because he apparently got spooked by the woman. Since the incident, the city has fallen into chaos with people taking sides and many people condemning the city for hiring Noor who is a Muslim in the first place. The mayor of Minneapolis was practically chased out of her press conference and citizens have been cracking jokes at the expense of the police department and Noor. 

Noor declined to comment, but his family quickly came to his defense claiming he was spooked by the incident. A source with knowledge of the incident told KSTP that officer Noor was allegedly sitting in the passenger seat of his car when he shot Damond. He “reportedly shot across his partner who was the driver of the squad at the time.” The shooting also forced the resignation of Police Chief Janee Harteau, who resigned on July 21.

The city doesn’t seem to be letting the incident go and recently signs have started popping up all over the city mocking Noor and the Minneapolis Police Dept.

According to KARE11 The message appears to be a direct reference to the BCA interview with the police partner of Officer Mohamed Noor, who told investigators that the two were “startled” by a loud noise before Noor shot Damond through the window of their squad car, killing her.

Whoever is behind the signs spared no expense: They are made of metal, are painted professionally and were mounted on street poles using heavy duty screws, just as official signs are. At this point, there is no information on who may be behind the campaign.

According to Breitbart:

Signs mocking the Minneapolis Police Department have begun popping up around the Twin Cities, warning residents that the police may be dangerous to their health.
The signs, reading, “Warning: Twin Cities Police easily startled,” began appearing around the city during the weekend as city crews rushed behind trying to take them down before anyone saw them, KARE channel 11 reported.

Along with the slogan, the signs featured a stick figure policeman with guns in hand, shooting bullets indiscriminately:

The signs appear to be expensively screen printed on metal sheets, as opposed to paper or cardboard.

The posting of the signs comes on the heels of a July 15 officer-involved shooting that left one woman dead. During the shooting, officer Mohamed Noor, the city’s first Muslim police officer, unexpectedly and seemingly without cause began shooting at a woman standing next to his squad car.

Some reports have noted that Noor was “startled” by a loud noise that caused him to open fire on victim Justine Damond, the unarmed woman who was talking to his partner after she called police about an intruder in her neighborhood.

The shooting has riled the Twin Cities and already forced the resignation of Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau, who resigned on July 21. Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges is also under fire for the shooting as well as the response to the incident.

This is what happens when decisions are made in the name of “diversity.” People shouldn’t be hired based on ethnicity but whether they are qualified for the position. We need leaders who put people’s safety above people’s feelings. The police force is meant to “protect and to serve,” and if they can’t handle the job that they signed up for then they shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Liberals will argue all day long that this is a witch hunt on Muslims, but just look at the facts. The man shot a woman who made the call and he shot her even though there was no reason to fire his weapon in the first place. The people of Minneapolis have the right to be angry. They chose these leaders to protect them and instead an innocent woman is now dead all in the name of diversity. Our priorities are completely backwards when we put people’s feeling and race above protecting the citizens that work everyday to make this country run. Share this story and tell us what you think in the comments below.

H/T Breitbart