Steelers Owner Sends FRANTIC Letter To Angry Fans Who Burned Their Jerseys

The Pittsburg Steelers seem to have a PR problem quite similar to that of the Dallas Cowboys. The Steelers chose to stay off of the field during the anthem. The owner, Art Rooney, recently released a letter to the Steeler Nations stating that they were sorry and never meant to hurt any of their fans. The letter states that they decided to stay off of the field to avoid the controversy altogether. Years ago that is actually what all teams did while the anthem was played, but under the circumstances, this time the fans felt betrayed.

To take away some of the sincerity of the letter is the situation with Alejandro Villanueva coming out the day after he left the locker room and stood at attention for the anthem even though his team mates did not. Why would he feel as though he betrayed his team mates if they were merely avoiding controversy?

The two actions and statements do not go together and indicate that the owner of the Steelers may simply be trying to save his precious money maker seeing as how the Steeler Nation is one of the most profitable teams in the entire NFL.

It seems very similar to Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys coming out saying he never meant to offend anyone claiming that they knelt in unity and prayer but stood for the anthem. Basically both men seem to be covering their tracks now that the true outrage of those who are actually football fans has been running rampant on social media.

Protesting social injustice is one thing and doing it on your own time is where it needs to be done. Yet, most of our NFL teams are either fully funded or partially funded by taxpayer dollars and almost all of the stadiums were built and maintained by taxpayer money as well meaning these players don’t actually have a right to pull a knee during a state-funded sporting event. This isn’t an argument about freedom of speech; it is an argument of protesting on state-funded time and dime.

According to I Love My Freedom :

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a gigantic PR problem on their hands right now.

Not only did their team choose to not participate in the National Anthem, but Alejandro Villanueva, the Army Ranger who stood alone for the anthem, got BLASTED by his own team and coach. Villanueva was even forced to apologize yesterday for his “embarrassing” actions.

Then, Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger said he “couldn’t sleep” on Sunday night after receiving major backlash for his teams decision.

Now, many fans across the country are burning their Steeler gear (see below) and the team owner is panicking. He knows his business is about to go down the drain, so he feels the need to do some damage control.

Take a look at the frantic letter he just released (via

Here are some of the viral videos of Steeler fans burning their jerseys:



Sorry Mr. Rooney, but this wouldn’t be happening if your team had a little respect for our flag.

Sadly the NFL as a whole will be feeling the damage they have done throughout the rest of this season and possibly the next depending on if true American’s can ever forgive the franchise for the disrespect shown to the flag and anthem. It is a shame that our beautiful country has become nothing more than a giant platform for protests where people don’t actually have a goal in mind other than getting free things or wanting dead cops.

The world has spun on an axis of false narratives and a propaganda “race war” that didn’t actually exist. Unfortunately, it now seems very real, but those being accused of being a racist aren’t actually the racists. The ones promoting the hate and violence are the racists. Maybe it is time all of these protesters take a knee and pray. They clearly need some guidance on how to fix the issues they burn buildings over.

Violence begets violence so how they think that it will solve anything is beyond me. They want a war for no reason other than the lies they have been fed which are festering in their souls. If it comes to a civil war, they won’t like what they see.

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