SURPRISE: Baltimore Plans On Following New Orleans In Removing Confederate Monuments

The crime-riddled cesspool that is Baltimore is now playing the destroy history game. The Mayor, Catherine Pugh, has declared that she wants to “follow in the footsteps of New Orleans.” Which they have been doing pretty good at with their crime rate, gang issues, and drug epidemic. Pugh continued with more ignorant comments such as, “The city does want to remove these. We will take a closer look at how we go about following in the footsteps of New Orleans.” “You name it, we’ve tackled it. This is another one of those things that we will tackle as well.”

Via Conservative Tribune:

The process to take down the monuments was seemingly begun under the city’s prior mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who didn’t remove them but instead placed placards in front of them decrying them as pro-slavery propaganda that had no place in modern society. The signs read, in part, that the monuments were “part of a propaganda campaign of national pro-Confederate organizations to perpetuate the beliefs of white supremacy, falsify history and support segregation and racial intimidation.”

The monuments targeted for removal included one of General Robert E. Lee, General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, a monument to Confederate sailors and soldiers, a monument to Confederate women, as well as one honoring Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney, author of the horrible Dred Scott decision that barred citizenship for black people.

“New Orleans has taken on this issue,” stated Pugh. “It costs about $200,000 a statute to tear them down. … Maybe we can auction them?”

That statement didn’t sit well with a former president of the Maryland chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy, Carolyn Billups, who pointed to the out-of-control crime and murder rate and utterly failing education system as being far more urgent in terms of needing attention and resources. “I find it interesting that Baltimore city has that kind of money to move statues when there are problems with crime and schools,” Billups said. “I would think that would be more of a priority.”

“If you erase Confederate history, what are you going to teach or think about?” she added.

“We very much opposed to the Taliban-like destruction of Confederate memorials,” stated Elliot Cummings, an officer in the local chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization. “We will take whatever action necessary to block it.”

As alluded to by Cummings, the Taliban in Afghanistan — and more recently the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria — have torn down and destroyed historical monuments and artifacts that weren’t in-line with their particular world view, stunningly similar to how progressives are attempting to tear down and destroy artifacts of history here in America for the exact same reason.

Many states are currently taking on this “issue,” as it is being called by pandering lawmakers. Alabama is the only one currently to vote with any sense of pride and history by passing a law to specifically protect the state’s historic Confederate memorials. The civil was is a part of our history and one that so many are currently trying to teach wrong. Unfortunately, slavery and discrimination did exist, but the reality is that these statues don’t represent that. The stand for all those who fought and died for the freedom of the south and many of the soldiers that fought and died willingly on the Confederate side were free black men. That is a reality that far too many are seeming to be very willing to forget.

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