Terror Group Admits That Mayor Of New Orleans Contracted Them To Help Destroy Monuments

The battle to save the history of the Confederacy has raged for over two years now and we are seeing battle flags, monuments to soldiers, and even civil war museums being taken down, ripped apart, and shut down. This fight is not about the south vs. the north. It’s is about terror groups like Antifa gathering and demanding the removals of American history, and politicians lining their pockets. What is now happening in America is very reminiscent of Nazi Germany and it has to be stopped before all that we are is ripped away from us!

Recent developments have arisen to bring more attention to the fact that politicians of the towns that are demanding the removals are contracting terror groups such as Antifa to create havoc and deface monuments and cemeteries all to create a sense of local citizens wanting all things Confederate removed from their view, but that is far from the truth.

Flyers were copied by the hundreds and strewn around this monument of Father Abram J. Ryan, a Priest and Confederate Poet, as well as in many neighboring yards in New Orleans just days after the removal of the last of four slotted monuments were ripped from their foundations.

What was written on it should by all rights put the final nail in the coffin of Mitch Landrieu’s political coffin:

“Tired of the smoke and mirrors of the city’s earlier removals, Mitch contracted us to help arrange a more participatory spectacle for the removal of the remainder of the cities more odious monuments. Ergo, we have provided hammers and chisels for your pleasure, brought to you with just a teensy bit of embezzled tax dollars. So come one, come all! Take a few whacks! Carve your name! Chisel a penis! Mind the wet paint and have fun! P.S. Mitch also asked that we dedicate this carnival of iconoclasm to Turtle Island’s newest revolutionary formation: the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement. So let’s burn down the American Plantation together!”

A reporter for the local news station, WDSU, took to twitter to explain what she personally saw when she arrived at the Priests statue after it had been vandalized.

While many of the same news stations turned on Confederate supporters that were in New Orleans to protest the removals, they now seem to be waking up to exactly what has been happening. Antifa was contracted by Mayor Landrieu as many Patriots had proven time and time again. The deputy mayor was even seen riding with the terrorists on the night that Antifa attacked a small and peaceful group of monument supporters.

Local news covering this contracting of Antifa by Mitch Landrieu can be found at:

The American Mirror , WGNO , WDSU , and AFF .

As someone who was there for a time personally, I was able to see the corruption among the Mayor and his hired terrorists, and it sickens me to the core to know that my home state is continuing to allow Landrieu to have any kind of seat of power! They may take confederate monuments, but they will NEVER take the heart and spirit and we will fight on!

Landrieu himself stated the “We can not be afraid of the truth!” Well, here is YOUR truth sir! I hope it sees you all the way to jail.