Texas Principal Gives Entitled Muslim Students Who Constantly Skip Class This SICK Gift

Back in March of this year, Principal Scott Warstler, of Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas, decided that he was going to placate to Muslim students who had taken it upon themselves to skip class regularly in order to attend daily prayers. Rather than punishing the students for skipping class, Principal Scott Warstler decided to give these Muslim students their own prayer room. This daily Muslim prayer has been taking place for years, and the school board is not interested in putting a stop to it despite the objections from parents whose children are not Muslim.

The student newspaper, Wingspan, published an article about how their Principal was placating to Muslim students while not affording Jewish or Christian students the same courtesy. This, in turn, caused Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton to contact the school and Principal Scott Warstler warning them that it is unconstitutional to make special religious accommodations for one religion over others. The letter from the Texas State Attorney General’s Office drafted by Deputy Attorney General Andrew Leoine stated, “Liberty High School’s policy should be neutral toward religion. However, it appears that students are being treated differently based on their religious beliefs. Such a practice, of course, is irreconcilable with our nation’s enduring commitment to religious liberty.” Principal Scott Warstler justified his unconstitutional behavior by stating that students of other faiths are allowed to hold prayer meetings on school grounds before or after school hours, but he did not make the same considerations for these groups. Muslim students were allowed to skip class to attend prayer on school grounds and were given a designated Muslim prayer room, while Jewish and Christian students had to find their own space and had to hold their prayer meetings outside of normal school hours.

Attorney David Coale who was interviewed by the local CBS news station said that the school is running into an area where constitutional rights are potentially being violated. Challenging the thinking of Principal Scott Warstler, the following questions were presented by Mr. Coale.

“Could a male Catholic student, for instance, walk into the room during the prescribed Islamic prayer time, sit on the female side of the room and pray the rosary?”

“Would a non-Muslim be allowed to walk into the prayer room at the designated time and not take off his/her shoes and sit next to a member of the opposite gender?”

“Could an evangelical student bring his Bible and offer to close the prayer time with a reading from the New Testament?”

“Could an Orthodox Christian set up an icon of Christ and venerate it with the sign of the cross?”

These are all valid questions, none of which Principal Scott Warstler or his supervisors have taken the time to answer. To date, Liberty High School has not reversed course on their Muslim prayer room policy causing parents of non-Muslim students to become even more angry.

The special accommodations that this Principal has made are ridiculous. Any other students caught skipping class would be promptly punished with detention or suspension in severe cases. Rather than forcing these Muslim students to assimilate into the normal school routine other students are subjected to, Principal Scott Warstler has caved into these Muslims refusing to assimilate. President Theodore Roosevelt made a very astute comment about immigrants refusing to assimilate into American society. “There is no place here for the hyphenated American, and the sooner he returns to the country of his allegiance, the better.” Unfortunately, under 8 years of the Obama Administration, Muslims in America and their terrorist counterparts were given free reign to do as they pleased.

Robert Spencer, who is an editor at Jihad Watch and was interviewed by WND.com, said that back in the early 1900’s if immigrants refused to assimilate into American society, they were strongly encouraged to return to where they came from. “If you came to America, you should become an American. No immigrant groups expected or received special privileges or accommodation above those granted to others. Any immigrant group that demanded such privileges or accommodations would have been swiftly invited to return home.” When immigrants first came to the United States in the 1800’s and the 1900’s, they wanted to assimilate and contribute and were strongly encouraged to do so. Now it seems Muslims, armed with their CAIR representatives, pick and choose which laws to follow, which school policies to follow, and if they don’t get their way, they scream racism.

Parents across America need to be on the lookout for things like this going on in their kids’ schools. This behavior displayed by Principal Scott Warstler, as well as his school board supervisors, is a violation of law and common sense. There has been no further word from the Texas State Attorney General’s office on whether they will pursue further legal action in this matter.



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