These 11 Antifa Thugs Didn’t Want Their Mugshots Taken..Let’s Make Them FAMOUS!

Thirteen Antifa members were arrested at Berkeley over the weekend after allegedly attacking peaceful protesters. One of those protesters opened up to Fox News on Monday about the violent threats she heard.

“They came with black masks, they carried weapons, they were pounding people down with their fists and their feet,” Berkeley College Republican Ashton Whitty said on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

“I knew I had to get out of there, so I contacted someone I knew who came to the rally,” she said. “I got out of there by car. We drove down to safety. They asked me what happened. They filmed me and I look over and there’s a woman on her phone and she’s texting and she’s staring us down. Two minutes later these guys show up, they start threatening us, they hit the car with some lead pipes, they’re cussing at us, telling us we’re ‘dead men,’ that there’s more of them. I find out then that Antifa actually had several people posted around Berkeley tracking us and telling people our location by social media.”

Over 100 hooded Antifa thugs arrived with masks and equipped with shields. They were sporting the words “no hate” and waving a flag identifying themselves as anarchists. The protesters broke through police lines to attack the peaceful protesters.

“I was willing to discuss anything,” Whitty said. “I held up a poster that said ‘let’s just have a conversation.’ I had conversations with many interesting people both Republican and Democrat. And, everything was great until Antifa showed up.”

Antifa likes to operate in the shadows wearing masks to conceal their identities. They are a cowardly group of people who have no respect and have nothing to be proud of.  Honorable people do not hide their identity when standing up for a supposedly worthy cause.

How can a person have pride in a cause like Antifa’s anyway? The only thing they are good for is rioting and disturbing the peace. Fortunately, Berkeley police were able to arrest 13 of them,  and of that number, 11 of their identities were revealed by police.

The Berkeley Police Department released mug shots of 11 of the 13 persons arrested during Sunday’s violent political riots. Charges include assault with a deadly weapon, felony assault, and violations of the Berkeley Municipal Code.

Sunday saw approximately 4,000 leftists shut down a “No to Marxism” rally; the protest included Antifa agitators who took over Martin Luther King Jr. park near the University of California Berkeley Campus

One officer was injured while making an arrest and several others were struck with paint.

Mugshots for 11 of the 13 arrested persons are below:

Row 1 (L-R) Brittany Mooreman, Emily Gillespie, Harlan Paknau. Row 2 (L-R) James Dominic, Joshua Phillips, Kristopher Wyrick, Levi Smith. Row 3 (L-R) Rachael Lea Moore, Sean Hines,
Seth Vasquez, Yesenia Mendez. (Alameda County Sheriff)

The names, ages, and places of residence for the 13 arrestees are as follows. The average age of Berkeley arrestees is 30.

Seth Vasquez, 25-year-old male from Berkeley.

Mark Misohink, 23-year-old male from Berkeley.

James Dominic, 23-year-old male from Oakland.

Kristopher Wyrick, 39-year-old male from Alpine.

Harlan Pankau, 38-year-old male from Jamul.

Levi Smith, 32-year-old male from Sparks, NV.

Sean Hines, 20-year-old male from Santa Rosa.

Brittany Moorman, 26-year-old female from Oakland.

Yesenia Mandez, 22-year-old female (unknown city).

Emily Gillespie, 24-year-old female from Berkeley.

Sean Dougan, 47-year-old male from Portland, OR.

Rachel Moore, 40-year-old female from Oakland.

Joshua Phillips, 26-year-old male from Oakland.

If you can’t stand behind your actions, then maybe it’s time to give up the cause. Antifa is trying to start another Civil War. They won’t stop until the whole country is torn in half. Police across the country need to take a cue from Berkeley and start making some arrests. There needs to be consequences for the actions Antifa is responsible for. If more arrests are made, maybe it will deter Antifa from rioting in the future.

Antifa might be a bunch of cowards, but they are still a threat to every American’s freedom. The organization is an enemy of everyone in this country. Their agenda is destruction and if you don’t agree with them, you are their enemy.

H/T Daily Wire, Fox News


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